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Cheryl Showing Off

Cheryl Showing Off My fianc? and I love your site. So much in fact I finally got her to do a gang bang with a few black guys. I would love to have you post our story. We made a video of the gang bang and now want to show it to all that love a sexy white woman, getting black balled. Especially in a gang bang style. You can send any email to jimbing1@msn.com?????? here is the story: Me and Cheryl love to see her showing off. She does this by dressing in short mini dresses, or mini skirts.( she uses her daughters little skirts which are very short, too short for her to even wear to school. Her Daughter has been sent home for wearing them, her ass shows.) In the day leading to her wanting to set something up, she wanted me to set up a threesome; she dressed in a very tight and very short black dress. Cheryl is 5' 9", 110 lbs, long brown hair?and very sexy body. She always turns heads no matter what she wears. We went car shopping, we read a letter in the dark wanderer where a woman did this exact thing, we went to several car lots and Cheryl showed off to a lot of car sales men. She would bend over to see the inside or to check the tires out. She wore no panties, so every time she bent over or got into a car, the car sales?man?could see her neatly trimmed pussy. It wasn't until the last dealership where things really went wild. We checked out two cars, the cars were Mitsubishi eclipses. On the first test drive, Cheryl drove and I jumped into the back before the cars sales man could say anything, I wanted him in the passenger?s side to get a good look at Cheryl's long tanned legs. Cheryl drove the manual trying to get her dress to ride higher. I could see the sales guy was getting a nice look, but I don't think he could see her naked pussy yet. When we got back to the lot we parked the car right in front of the front dealership windows. I could see a bunch of other sales men, about twelve, looking right at Cheryl getting out of the car. She told me latter that she could see them as well and made sure that they saw her naked pussy, opening the door wide to make sure they would be able to get a good look at her getting out by opening her legs up wide and taking her time to get out of the car. These were all the same guys that came out of the dealer ship to get a better look at her when we first arrived. We waited for the car sales man to arrive back with the other keys. We would later find out that he took longer than normal due to the fact that all the other guys?were asking him?if she was showing him her pussy like she did to them when she got out of the car. They also wanted to make sure he had her park the car in the same spot as the other, so that they may get another look at her pussy. While he was gone, Cheryl asked me to be prepared for what she was going to do to the poor kid (he was about 24 years old, we are both 34). I asked what she meant by that and she replied wait and see, but you'll like it a lot. Again I jumped into the?back of the car for the test drive, Cheryl drove and the sales man sat in the passenger?s seat. Cheryl started asking questions about the car, same as last time, but when we got to the first traffic light, Cheryl asked the sales guy if he got embarrassed easily. he said what do you mean, so she repeated the question, with a dumb look on his face she slowly undid?the top of her dress which zipped down the front, displaying her magnificent tits, she then hiked up her dress until her pussy was in clear view of the kid. He couldn't believe what she had done, and neither could I. She really took me back by saying you can touch what ever you want on me! ?The sales guy started touching her tits then asked if he could taste them, which she said yes to. Then He fingered her pussy, I could hear the wetness of her pussy from the back seat. He turned to look back at me, and just asked if I liked watching her do this sort of thing, I replied hell yeah!!! Then he went back to enjoying her body. This lasted for about twenty minutes. Then we arrived back at the car dealership, and just like he was asked to, he had her pull up right in front of the same windows to the dealership. This time not only were all the same sales guys there but also men from the parts dept and service dept. Cheryl again tried not to show like she noticed them all and again opened the door as wide as it would go, this time she even paused a little with her legs wide open making it look like she was still checking out the inside of the car. After about three minutes, she exited the car. She had asked the car sales man not to tell anyone that she let him see her and touch her. She then asked for his number and said we would call him that night to set up something better. He asked?us to come inside in order to fill out a questionnaire; he said it would look better for him if we did, so inside we went. Once inside, Cheryl was checked out by all. She knew he had only asked us inside so all the others could get a better look. (in fact he latter admitted he was told when he got the second set of keys, if he could get her inside after the test drive, so they could get a better look, they would give him a hundred bucks.) Cheryl did everything she could to give better looks, even checked out the cars inside the dealership, making sure to bend over a lot. When we were leaving the inside of the dealership, the sales manager came over to introduce himself, said he liked to do exit questionnaires on all prospective sales. He actually asked us to go back to his sales office to fill out a questionnaire on the dealership and our salesman. Cheryl looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. She said that we had time and may as well have some more fun ( she actually said it just like that, and you should have seen the smile on the managers face.) everyone saw us heading back to the office, which only had a door and one window, which were frosted. Once inside the sales manager closed the door and asked us if we were able to find anything we liked. He then asked Cheryl if she had fun driving the cars, she said yes. The manager then said that he wished he drove with us, because the sales man who had been with us was young and inexperienced. Cheryl said that the younger sales rep was polite and knew a lot about the cars. Now he asked us if we had some time and would we like to take a seat. We both said yes and I sat on the other side of the desk and the other chair was right on the side of the desk almost to the point of being in front. I suspected he had been planning this since we got there at the dealership. The chairs were so planned out in arrangement that when Cheryl sat down, he knew he would get a good view of her pussy. So when Cheryl sat down she made sure her tiny dress rode up and her pussy was in view. The sales manager did all he could to get better angles of her pussy, even pretending to hunt for the questionnaire in the desk draw right in front of Cheryl?s pussy. Finally Cheryl said ?if you would like a better look, just ask, you know I like to be viewed, that is why you asked us back here right?"? The sales manager just looked at me and I gave him a smile back. He then said do you mine. Cheryl said mine what? ?If you want something just ask. So he asked her to give him a better view of what she had. Cheryl loves to play games, so asked him" if you want something you should really just ask for it" With that said he just blurted out" show me your sexy pretty pussy, I want to see it bad" Cheryl looked over at me and then told him "if there is anything you want me to do, you have to ask him, I'm his sex slave and he makes me do everything, like today dressing in a short dress and showing all I have to you guys" So he asked me if he could see her naked? I said yes and then told her to show him. Cheryl then stood up went over to where he was?sitting and removed her dress.? He looked at me and I said go for it if you want to touch. He did. Then he asked if she wanted to have him? She said it?s all up to him and looked over at me. She said "ask him go on" I asked her if she wanted it and she said yes, so I told the sales guy go for it. The two of them went at it on the desk and before?long the sales guy was cumming all over her. He then dressed and she put her dress back on. When we were to exit his office he asked her if he could take a picture. She said yeah, but don't you want to close the door again, Cheryl had noticed a lot of the sales guys were right in front of the door when we got up to exit. The sales manager looked at me, and all I said is "Cheryl, You teased these boys enough so just get in there on the desk turn around and show all the guys what they want, and let him take the picture then. So she did. And for about two minutes she just spread herself out on the desk and let them check her out. But out of the corner of my eye, I could see a woman coming down the hall, so she dressed quickly, and we left the dealership. Later that night, we called the sales guy up and tried to set up a threesome with him. He asked her all sorts of questions about it, and then the phone got handed over to me. He asked me if I liked her showing off, and would I like to see her get gang banged by some of the boys at the dealership. I said how many, she never had anything more than a threesome before. He said the first time it would be six of them, if I wanted too. After looking over at Cheryl and seeing her sexy body, I said sure, but let?s keep it our secret. She heard me and asked what secret. I said he had a surprise for her and left it at that. The next night we went to his house and first it was just him so we had Cheryl dress in a white garter belt and sexy white bra and G string. She looked hotter than hell. What neither me nor Cheryl knew was in the room where she dressed, the other guys where in the closet. They all got a dam good look at her. We started in the living room, drinking and getting Cheryl loose. Once she was a little tipsy we started by bringing out a mattress and setting it up in the middle of the room. We started making out and then he asked if he could get a little one on one time, in the bed room, so we said five minutes would do it, but no intercourse unless I?m there. all agreed and in the bedroom they went, the same bedroom the guys were in. she teased him and even went a little farther than we had first planned. When they came out, she went to the living room and laid out on the bed. We stayed back and got the guys out of the closet, and they each said they couldn't take much more and needed to have her. Me and the sales guy went to be with Cheryl, and we had told the others to wait until we had Cheryl naked, and then ring the door bell. Planned worked and Cheryl was naked. When the door bell rang Cheryl went for her clothes, but we had taken them. The door bursted open and they all came inside the living room. Cheryl; tried to hide her sexy body, but the guys told her sweet things and after only a couple of minutes she was comfortable being naked around all of them. They all wanted to play with her, so I just sat back and watched it all, as well as break out a camcorder to tape all the action. Cheryl was?fucked by each guy at least four times, she was having the time of her life and after four hours of non stop fucking and sucking, she finally said she had enough for a night. But all the guys complained, so Cheryl agreed to fuck all of us for one more round. When I finally got her home, she said she hoped I wasn't mad at her for wanting to be fucked by all the guys, but when they arrived she felt like a real slut and wanted all of them. She also asked me if I remembered any of them from the dealership, I said yeah and she said she did too. She laughed about it and said wait till the next time she goes car shopping.?? We have since been car shopping a lot. She has had a lot of fun, exposing herself to all and I have many of those stories to tell too. I hope you enjoyed this story, which is 100% real and if you would like the proof and to see her in action send me an email and I?ll tell you how you can get a copy of the video I made. Cheryl loves new ideas for exposing herself to men. So if you have any other ideas send to jimbing1@msn.com she will let me take pics and send them to anyone having a good idea. also if you live in Connecticut, give us a way to reach you, and a pic of yourself, and maybe we could hook up for some fun exhibitionism. And who knows, maybe we can come to your dealership or shoe store. Thanks, Cheryl and Jim 5036 1.31/512345

Doggie Style

A very attractive woman walks into a bar, plops down onto a stool and orders two shots. She downs the first one... "This is for the Shame", and then the second one..."This is for the Glory." She has long brown hair with a hint of red in it. Her red mini dress is not only short, it is lowcut. The bartender has been hungrily eyeing her and hears what she mumbles to herself before downing her drinks. She then orders two more shots. She drinks the first one... "This is for the Shame" and then the second one..."This is for the Glory." She is about to order two more shots when the bartender stops her. He is able to stand closer to her now and can see down her low cut dress because she is leaning forward with her elbows on the bar. Her breasts look wonderful, a C cup he decides. "Ma'am, I was just wondering...you're downing those drinks pretty fast, so what's this about Shame and Glory?" The drinks are working rapidly, and in her uninhibited state she starts telling intimate details that normally she would never divulge, especially not to a strange male. Or perhaps more so to a strange male rather than someone who might know her. "Well," she replies, "I like to do my housework naked. But earlier today when I got down on my hands and knees to get something from under the sink, my Great Dane started, well, he started licking me there. You know where I mean. It shocked me but it felt good, so I didn't jump up immediately like I should have." The bartender quickly refilled both of her shot glasses. This he wanted to hear. "Ahh, ma'am, I advise you to drink these perhaps a little slower so that you can keep them down." But the bartender was not so much concerned over her getting sick as he was concerned over her not getting to finish her story. She nodded, said "Thank you," and continued with her story. "He was licking away, and I just sort of...well, I just threw all caution to the winds and bent my elbows and put my face on the floor. I closed my eyes, pushed my butt out towards him and went into dreamland. All at once," she continued while downing the two shots, "before I realized what he was doing, he climbed up and mounted me from behind. I tried to get away, but he locked me in place with those huge paws of his. I couldn't believe how much power he had in those front legs. And then he shoved his thing in, or maybe I should say he rammed it in. I never felt anything like that before. He is a really large dog, and I mean large everywhere." "That must be the Shame," the bartender said, with his eyes wide as he visualized this gorgeous woman getting it doggy style by a dog, of all things. "No, that was the Glory," she replied. Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she remembered what had happened. "He grew even larger after he was inside me, not only longer but a lot thicker. He was stretching me so nice..." her eyes glazed over as she remembered. "That dog really knows how to move his hips. He kept pumping really fast and wouldn't quit for the longest time." She took another sip and continued, her voice beginning to slow. "Perhaps I should explain. I've been separated from my husband for several months and it's been a long time since I've been made love to, so I was pretty horny. I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I had several orgasms with my dog." The bartender's mouth fell open as he heard words coming from this woman he never in a million years thought he would be hearing. Then, as she took still another sip, she looked down into her glass and wriggled it, making the liquid roll from side to side in her glass. "And on top of that, while I was coming, the dog kept shooting his jizz into me all the time. It seemed like he was continuously coming. I could feel him throbbing, forever it seemed." "Hmm," said the bartender, trying to appear sympathetic, but with the growing excitement in his voice beginning to betray him. "I can understand the glory of that, I guess. But what about the shame?" Then the woman lowered her head and her face turned red as she went on. "The Shame was when we got locked together by that huge knot on the inside end of his dick and he dragged me backwards out the door and around the front yard for a few minutes while the neighbors watched." The bartender had a hardon as he listened. It was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud at this incredible story. Back on the farm he had seen dogs fucking many times. He had watched as the male dog dismounted and turned the other way after coming. They two dogs would be locked together because that knot would grow after the male was completely buried inside the bitch, and then he would be caught inside her. The rest was inevitable. The male dog's penis would be bent way behind him while he would try to get away from the bitch. He would drag her around until nature or maybe a shot of cold water would make him go down enough that they would become disconnected. That must have been something to see indeed with this lovely lass all naked and locked together with a well hung dog. She had finished her drinks and looked a little woozy. He poured two more shots. "On the house ma'am. Now tell me, how did you get loose?" She paused to take a sip, and looked into the bartender's face. She was totally uninhibited now, and the words, though slurred a little, flowed freely. "That was the worst part. Someone called the fire department and they came and...and at first they just stared at us. I'm pretty sure I heard someone snicker. Then one guy said he knew what to do to make the dog's dick go down and sprayed the dog with a hose. The dog started dragging me harder trying to get away. When he drug me he went into the side yard and I was glad because we couldn't be seen as easy by the people in the street. Anyhow, either his knot got smaller or he stretched me wider because in any case he finally popped out. It felt like...it felt like he turned me inside out when that giant knot went through my lips. I think I let out a big gasp when it came out. I was never so glad to have one pull out and at the same time wish it could stay. Then to make it worse he sat down on the spot and started licking his dick. Everyone gasped and stared at it because it was so big and red. You should have seen it, you wouldn't believe it. It was still shooting clear stuff in spurts. I guess that's what dog come looks like, and he was licking it up. The dick itself, the front of it I mean, was larger than most men, and that knot at the bottom of it was as big as my fist, maybe even your fist." She sighed and her eyes were wide as she continued. "It was so wide, that knot, and the whole thing had to be 8 inches or more in length. I still can't believe I had that all the way inside me." She finished her second glass before continuing. Her head sort of nodded, and it looked like she was falling asleep. "Ma'am? Finish your story, I really want to hear the rest. Were you still up on your hands and knees?" She raised her head and nodded. "Yes, it didn't occur to me to try to cover myself I was in such a state of shock." She paused, as she remembered, and the bartender couldn't resist saying what he was thinking. He shook his head, "I guess those firemen were getting quite a view of you in that position." She shook her head in disgust. Not at what he was saying but at what she remembered. "Yes, my pussy was out there for all to see, and I was too dumb to try to hide it. Then a fireman threw a blanket over me and I rolled off my knees and sat down on the grass. Then what had happened really hit me. I was so embarrassed. I could see up into their faces better now and everyone was looking at that dick and then back at me. I know they all were thinking that I had gotten under that dog deliberately. I was so weak that I didn't stand up right away, and I guess they had all seen my pussy when I was still in the doggy position and after comparing it to that dog dick they were wondering how anything that size and shape got into me in the first place. All I know is it must have done more growing once it was inside me, because there is no way that knot came in from outside." "Yes ma'am," the bartender replied. "Dogs have a bone inside their penis. That helps them to be firm enough to enter the female when they first start out. Then their penis continues to grow inside the bitch and that is when that big knot grows and locks him in. It's nature's way of making sure the male dog shoots lots of jizz into the bitch, errr, I mean the female dog, and she gets pregnant." She reached out and touched the bartender's arm. "Thank you. I didn't know that. I was looking at that knot he had and I knew darned well it could not possibly have been there at first. There was no way it could have gone into me that far." She looked sad and stared down into her drink. "There's no way my pussy is that big, at least not from the outside. Anyhow, I had to stand up and run into the house and I could barely walk because I was so sore. The EMTs came to the door and rang the bell. I wanted to disappear from the face of the Earth, but I had to answer it. I threw on a robe. They wanted to know if I needed any medical help. I told them no, and I even remembered to thank them for their help. They were insistent though and thought I might have internal damage. I remembered how that dog dick looked, so long and big around and shaped funny, and I was afraid they might be right, so I let them in. They had me lie on the couch on my back and one medic opened my robe. Then one medic took one of my legs and lowered it to the floor and raised my other leg over the back of the couch so that I was spread-eagled. They took a look inside with a flashlight and said although it was red it didn't appear to be torn or anything. That added even more to the shame, my lying there with my legs wide open while having these guys opening me up with their fingers and looking up my snatch." "Did you say *they*, ma'am? You mean both men used their fingers to spread you open and took a look?" She rolled her eyes, "Yes, and they took their time about it too. I guess there's nothing like getting a second opinion." The bartender figured the EMT's were just getting themselves a good look at her most intimate body parts, but said nothing. And then she added more. "One medic said something like, 'Hey, when she was on her hands and knees, that dog would have gone deeper into her in that position. We can't see very far up with her on her back. We probably need to put her in the same position she was in with the dog and take a look. She might have damage further inside.'" The bartender nodded knowingly. He knew what was coming. You let them look?" "Yes, I got up on my hands and knees again facing away from them. One medic said 'Lay down on your elbows so your ass sticks up in the air higher and it pushes your vagina out. That way we can get a better look." The bartender sighed at the thought of her doing that for the two medics. Yeah, they wanted a better look alright, but not in the way she had thought they meant. "Then they both took turns opening me up with their fingers and looking inside. I think they were using a flashlight then, too. They said they could see way deeper that way and everything looked 'just fine.'" The bartender smiled to himself. "I'm glad." She nodded and went on. "I let them do all that because I was genuinely concerned that I might have been injured. I knew though that they were also taking advantage because one of them, the first one pulled my lips opened and let them close. He said he wanted to make sure nothing was damaged on the oustide. He did it several times, and said something about how they seemed to have retained their elasticity. Then he touched my clitoris and made me jump a little. There was no reason for him to be touching me on the clitoris, it would seem." "No ma'am, probably not." She added, "Especially after the second one touched me there and while he opened me up again with one hand he kept me opened and used his other hand and rubbed my clitoris several times, and when I moaned a little and pushed my vagina back towards him he laughed and said, 'her vaginal and clitoral responses seem to be intact.'" "Ma'am," said the bartender, realizing now that his customer was by now pretty much under the weather from the drinks, "They might have been acting like they were checking you for external damage, but didn't you realize that these men were taking advantage of you for their own amusement?" She raised her head long enough to nod at him. "Yes, but by then I was turned on a little too. Then they looked at the scratches on the side of my body, my rib cage mainly and the sides of my breasts where the dog had sort of scratched me. The scratches weren't that bad, I guess, just red welts on my skin. The medics, both of them, put some salve on me. They made sure to put some on my breasts, even where there were no scratches." "I guess they just wanted to get a feel of your breasts, ma'am." She pondered that. "You're probably right, they even squeezed them and rubbed my nipples. Medics or not, they were just being your typical men." She nodded sadly. "They suddenly got quiet and looked at one another. I think they were thinking about fucking me but about that time their radio came on and they had another call. So they laid me back onto the couch and told me to rest for a while and I would be O.K." "Would you have let them fuck you?" (Sigh) "I don't know. I was turned on but I was sore down there too so I don't know how it, how they would have felt." Thinking that for sure he was going to get laid, the bartender offered her two more drinks on the house, then he said, "Ma'am, I have a store room in the back with a cot if you need to sleep it off." She was still leaning over the counter and her head was now in her hands. He was getting good looks down her blouse and seeing her nipples, when she suddenly looked up at him. He quickly raised his head to look into her eyes. As he stared into her eyes, she looked away, downwards, and noticed the bulge in his trousers. Suddenly a sobering thought hit her. This man must really think I am a slut. Fearing that he might relate the story to all his customers, she decided to change things around. "Did my story arouse you?" "Yes ma'am, it certainly did." "Does it make you want to..." she looked down at his bulge and made sure that he saw her look. "Does it make you want to fuck me?" "Ah yes ma'am, I guess it does. If you can't face those neighbors I could even let you stay the night at my place." "Well, I figured that was what you had in mind when you offered the cot. I'm a writer and I made that story up. I was just wondering if men were so without a consciense that they would fuck a woman after a dog, and now I know." ====================================================================== *HER DOG'S TRUE VERSION OF THIS STORY* ** 3 dogs are sitting in the waiting room of a vet's office. One is a Poodle, one is a Schnauzer and the other is a Great Dane. The Poodle turns to the Schnauzer and asks, "Why are you here?" The Schnauzer responds, "I'm 17 years old. I don't see or hear very well. I've been having accidents in the house. My owner says I'm too old and sick so he brought me here to be put to sleep." The Schnauzer asks the poodle, "Why are you here?" The Poodle responds, "I've not been myself lately. I've been especially high strung. I've been barking all the time, I've been snapping at people and I even bit one of the neighbor's kids. Nobody knows why this has been happening. My owner says he can't risk me biting somebody else so he brought me here to be put to sleep." The Poodle and Schnauzer ask the Great Dane why he is here. The Great Dane responds, "My owner is this beautiful runway model. Yesterday she was walking around the house naked when she suddenly bent down to get something from under the sink. She was bent over and naked and I got a whiff of her, and well, you know...nature took over and the next thing I know I'm licking her and then I'm on top of her doing the doggie thing. I couldn't help myself. We even got locked together and someone had to use the hosespray routine to get us loose." The other two dogs couldn't believe their ears. The Schnauzer said, "You did it with your owner, a human?" "Yes, and I have to admit, humans feel pretty good, maybe better than dog pussy." The Poodle asks, "So your owner brought you here to be put to sleep?" The Great Dane says, "No, I'm just here to get my nails trimmed." 23728 2.24/512345

My Ultimate Fantasy Come True

" My Ultimate Fantasy Cum True " by: Anon I decided to write an account of a threesome I had with a white couple I met here in New York a day before New Year's eve 1998. They are aware that I'm writing and posting this story to the Dark Wanderer website as I asked them if they were okay with this, but no names are given to protect their privacy. (We had a second meeting last weekend and I will post an account of this meeting at a later date as it was another incredible evening of sex, and in some respects even more exciting because of some additional things we did. But I felt I should start off by writing an account of our initial meeting). I'm a single black male, in my late twenties and I had posted an ad. on the Dark Cavern interracial swinging website a few months ago. I was interested in meeting a white couple for a threesome and this couple had seen my ad. and it had caught their interest. They had never had a threesome with a black man before but according to them, after a little urging from her husband, his wife decided to e-mail me. The e-mail she sent immediately had me very interested in meeting them as she wrote me an extremely hot message that gave me an instant hardon the moment I read it - so I decided to e-mail them back right away. After exchanging one or two e-mails and talking on the phone we arranged to meet at a bar in New York for drinks and see what would happen from there. I didn't know what to expect, but her e-mail had me so turned on and I knew I wanted to meet them. I arrived at the bar at the time we'd agreed upon on and went to the bar area and waited for them there. I didn't realise that they were already there sitting in one of the cubicles in the restaurant area - but her husband came around and found me and took me over to where his wife was sitting. When I saw her I was literally floored as she is an absolutely gorgeous and amazingly sexy lady. She is just so beautiful, and has long blonde hair, and a perfect body with the sexiest legs, breasts and ass - she is the type of lady that guys fantasize about having sex with and I couldn't believe how hot she looked. She was wearing a tight black skirt that reached just about her knees, and a black top that didn't do anything to hide the fact that she was wearing a very sexy black bra underneath, which was completely visible when she opened the long black coat that covered her. I sat next to her and her husband sat across from us at the table. I couldn't keep my eyes off her as she looked so unbelievably hot and sexy and my eyes kept being drawn down to her breasts as she was showing a lot of very enticing cleavage, and it was almost as though her breasts would pop out of her bra - I felt like grabbing them right then and there and squeezing them as I was so turned on from the moment I saw her and could feel my cock straining against my pants. We immediatley clicked as they are very friendly and nice people and so I felt very comfortable with them. We talked and had some drinks for awhile and the conversation soon naturally turned very risque as we chatted, and as I relaxed I couldn't resist it and had to stroke her legs - I began to stroke up her legs and she spread her legs enough to let me see that she wasn't wearing any panties - I could have cum right there as I saw her bare pussy - and what made it even more exciting was that she has a shaved pussy and so by then my cock was throbbing and aching to fuck her. She let me move my hand up till I was touching and stroking her naked pussy and I did this briefly - she felt just so silky smooth and so warm and ready (at a later date I might write an account of our second meeting that we had last weekend - we had a very exciting time doing MUCH more of this). By this time my cock was on fire and I think by then we all felt that we wanted to go somewhere private. I had made a reservation and got a room for the evening at a Holiday Inn near the bar earlier in the day, so I gave them my room number and left for the Holiday Inn. Shortly after I got to my room at the Holiday Inn, I heard a knock on the door and I let them in. Now when we had been in the bar talking earlier they had told me of a time when they'd done some exhibitionist play at a shoe store. They told me that she had gone into the store with him dressed pretty much as she was this evening and wearing no panties underneath her skirt. She then tried on some shoes and in the process exposed her naked pussy to the sales help (this story really turned me on as I have an exhibitionist streak in me). So when they got to my room after taking off their coats, she sat across from me in the room in a chair and showed me exactly how she'd tried on the shoes and bared her pussy in the store. She was wearing black pumps and still wearing her black dress and the black top, and she spread her legs and pretended as though she was trying on a pair of shoes - it was such a turnon to see her naked pussy completely exposed to me under her dress as she parted her legs. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her and we switched on the music on the radio in the room, and I came up behind her and slowly pressed my crotch against her ass as I squeezed her breasts from behind and took her bra off and and rubbed my cock against her through my pants. Her breasts were firm yet so soft, and she has absolutely fabulous and very large nipples that I could suck on for hours - it felt incredible to feel her breasts in the palms of my hands and to feel her soft yet taut nipples throbbing as I stroked her breasts. She then turned around and unzipped my pants and my cock, which had been straining all evening, sprang free and she began to suck it (she gives the greatest blowjobs). I was so hot for her and ready to fuck her and when she stood up after sucking my cock I took off the rest of my clothes and took off her skirt so that she was completely naked except for her black garter belt.. As I said she is absolutely gorgeous, but seeing her naked body before me with her luscious breasts bared to my eyes, her nipples taut and swollen, and wearing the sexy black garter belt, with her bare and shaved pussy naked in front of my eyes was just amazing and an experience I'll never forget - she looked so stunning and by this time my cock was about ready to burst. She lay back on the bed and then spread her legs and looked so incredible laying there with her swollen pussy lips parted - I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began licking her pussy, which was very wet and her pussy juices tasted so sweet and delicious - usually I like to eat a lady's pussy for ages but by then I couldn't wait any longer and had to fuck her right then and there. I spread her legs back and then slowly slid my cock into her pussy and it felt like I was in heaven as I slid my cock into her pink, wet, velvety pussy for the first time. I slowly began to fuck her and she was so wet and ready that my cock slid in so easily and we began to fuck - but I couldn't last long and after a short while shot a large load of cum deep in her pussy. I pulled my cock out of her then her husband began fucking her while I watched and stroked my already hardening cock. Part of the pleasure I get from threesomes is not only participating myself, but I also enjoy watching the lady get fucked by her husband and it was such a turn-on to watch her get fucked by her husband. As she lay on the bed on her front after her husband had fucked her some cum was dripping from her pussy and as her husband commented it looked like a perfect " creampie " - as you can imagine I was so turned on after watching them fuck and seeing her pussy dripping with cum, that my black cock was rockhard again and so she got on her hands and knees in the doggie position and I began to fuck her. I had to put some lubricant on my cock as with all the cum in her pussy it was sticking against my cock so it was hard to slide my cock back inside her pussy - so I smeared some lubricant onto my cock then slid it right back inside her waiting pussy. She was very vocal (and this is something else that really turns me on about her ) and urged me to fuck her harder and harder and slap her ass as I drove my cock in and out of her pussy - she has an unbelievably gorgeous ass and to watch my cock sliding in and out of this beautiful lady's pussy as I fucked her doggie style was the ultimate. Usually after I've cum once I can keep going and going and I fucked her hard and fast like this for ages, and it was amazing to feel her pussy clamping and squeezing my cock, sucking it in, urging me in deeper and deeper, and to stroke her ass cheeks with my hands as I fucked her pussy until I finally came again inside her pussy. She then she got on her back and spread her legs and I entered her again and began to fuck her with long deep strokes. The room was filled with the sounds of our fucking and I wouldn't be suprised if some folks outside had heard us as we fucked very intensely for ages. She then had me lay on my back and then she squatted over my cock and grabbed the shaft with her hand and guided my cock into her waiting pussy as she lowered herself and impaled herself on my black cock. She began to rise up and down on my cock fucking me so good, and it was incredible to watch this stunning lady ride my black cock and watch as my hard shaft slid up deep into her pussy - as she rode my cock I squeezed her breasts and pulled and rubbed her nipples with my hands. I lost count of the amount of times we came that evening as it seemed we had been fucking forever and for what seemed like hours. I just couldn't get enough of her and began to fuck her doggie style again and this time I fucked her so long and deep and so intensely that we both came so hard so that for awhile all we could do was lie on the bed as we were so exhausted. She lay there dozing beside me naked as I stroked her body and it was incredible to see her lying down looking so well-fucked and completely relaxed. She is just so irresistible and sexy and I could have fucked her all night long. But by then it was getting late and they had to leave so they began dressing and so we said our goodbyes and agreed that we wanted to meet again sometime soon. And this we did last weekend (and that meeting was just as incredible for me). It was just the greatest sex and I feel very fortunate to have met this couple as they are very nice people and so it made the evening even better as we were very relaxed and comfortable with each other. I may write about the threesome we had together last weekend sometime soon as it was just as incredible for me as our first threesome . If you'd like to make a comment feel free to e-mail me at VKosh@hotmail.com. 7447 1.29/512345

Delicious Domination: Seducing Ted

?Hello!?Fae Clark stretched her serpentine bronze body like a lazy feline. ?I didn?t think you?d come.? She laughed at her own inside joke. She had invited this handsome young accountant for a lunch time swim fully expecting to seduce him in the most graphically intimate terms imaginable. It had been a long time since Fae had gotten her hands on an innocent young man like Ted. He stood trying not to stare at Fae?s superbly exercised mature body. She wore an obscenely sheer robe over her daringly revealing gold thong and tiny halter. Ted could see her pink pouting nipples throbbing on her magnificent pear shaped breasts. ?Where?s Dan?? Ted croaked uneasily. ?Ohhhh, I sent him on a errand,,,he won?t be back for a while.? Fae slyly licked her lips. Ted was the newest hire at Dan?s bank. She had systematically seduced each and every one of Dan?s business associates and all of his golf buddies. And she was about to add Ted to the list. She loved knowing that while Dan was the boss, she had fucked and sucked all of them men around him. ?Go put your trunks on.? Fae looked at Ted like a piece of meat pointing to the bathhouse on the pool deck. Then she looked up at the guest room window. She had strapped Coy into a chair facing the pool. He was being punished. He got too excited as his balls exploded before Fae told him he could come. She?d slapped his face screaming at him like a dog. ?You asshole! How DARE you dump you balls in my pussy before I gave you permission? Treat me like some common street hooker?? Her hot spittle covered his face as she screamed at him. ?You?ll pay for this!? And that?s why Coy was forced to watch Fae seduce young Ted. ?That?s better!? Fae boldly stoked Ted?s lean thighs as he approached her lounging body. She sat up with her face rather close to Ted?s crotch. She clasped both of Ted?s trembling hands. ?Look I don?t want to rush things, but it?s been so long since I had any fun with a man!? She peered up at Ted with sullen eyes. ?Dan?s heart is an issue and I don?t know what to do.? She lied through her teeth. ?I know that Dan is your boss, but that won?t be a problem. Dan worships the ground I walk on. He?ll do anything to make me happy! Anything!? She groveled darkly. Then she tugged gently on Ted?s waist band. ?It?s been so long since I had a nice hot young cock in my mouth!? Ted saw a tear in the corner of her craven eyes. ?If I beg you real nice, will you at least let me suck your delicious cock?? Ted?s knees buckled. ?Ahh,,,uummm,,,,ohhh,? He stammered badly. ?I?ll suck it real nice and slow. You?d like that, right? Nice slow blow job?? Fae laughed inside at her audacity. This young Stud Puppy was no match for this silk skinned 44 year old wanton slut. Ted froze as Fae slid his trunks down. ?Ahhh! Such a beautiful penis!? Fae hid her disappointment at Ted?s modest 6 ? inch organ. But this was about humiliating Dan, so she?d have no misgivings about sucking this Boy Toy?s ordinary pecker. She tilted her head back with heavily lidded dusky eyes. She opened her ruby lipped mouth reverently worshipping the head of Ted?s raging erection. ?Thank you!? Fae slowly deep throated Ted?s jism leaking erection. She loved tasting the young man?s salty semen deep in her throat. ?Baby like this? Boss man?s wife sucking your cock like a whore?? Fae saw fear cross Ted?s troubled eyes. He knew he?d get fired if Dan knew about this. His legs shook terribly as Fae suckled his love muscle with her sweet wet lips. She held it to her cheeks. She kissed his big pink testicles. This was fun! Then she slyly peeked up at the guest room window. She loved the miserable frown on Coy?s face. Such a delight spending the afternoon sucking a hot young cock, cruelly tormenting her Boy Toy, and humiliating her husband all at the same time. The loose sticky lips of her mature vagina hung down obscenely. She knew that Ted could smell her freshly fucked unbathed ratty haired vagina. ?If I beg real nice, will you please fuck me? Baby? Please? I?ll be your slut. I?ll do anything no matter how down and dirty. I can do things to you that you will never forget. Please?? Fae?s hot wet mouth swooped dramatically all the way to the base of Ted?s hardon. ?Please?? She ripped off her thong,,,fell back and dared Ted to not shove his throbbing love muscle directly between the lewdly displayed lips of her cock starved vagina. Yessssss! Give it to me!! Deeper!! Faster!! Make me happy!? Fae drove her young stud into a sexual frenzy. Gone were his fears of getting caught fucking his bosses wife. Fae had the hottest, tightest, nastiest cunt he?d ever fucked. ?More! I want more cock! FUCK!? Fae brazenly slid her finger all the way up Ted?s fluttering asshole as he feverishly obeyed her commands. ?Faster!! Deeper! Fuck me harder!? Her gutter vulgarity drove Ted insane. He had never fucked a woman as wild and sexy as this middle aged Cougar. Fae pulled Ted?s lips to her hot wet open mouth. She crudely bit his lips, chewed his tongue all the while furiously pumping her scarlet tipped talon in and out of Ted?s defenseless rectum. ?NOW!? Fae slapped his face right square in the mouth. ?I want your balls!!! NOW!? Fae chewed his ears. Finger fucked his anus. Crying out like a dying animal, Ted sacrificed his precious balls to satisfy Fae?s raunchy man eating pussy. Then it was over. Ted lay atop Fae like a wheezened old man.. All the while, Fae peered up at Coy?s sullen face licking her lips with heartless cruelty. She had cut him of from the powerful jaws of her succulent pussy for long enough. She knew that he?d work like a slave to please her the next time she spread her big lush thighs waving her fluffy pussy in his cunt starved face. She knew that he?d fuck her brains out rather than endure this kind of denial and torture ever again. Then they heard a car in the drive way. ?Better scoot. Dan is back!? Fae hushed in Ted?s ear. He turned white with fear and loathing. ?The bathhouse.? Fae cooed. Ted stumbled badly running to the bath house. Fae chuckled lewdly. Ted had left his trunks behind. ?Well that was fast.? Fae chirped at Dan making no attempt to cover her naked sweaty body.. Dan saw the sticky white tangle deep between the lobes of her thighs. ?Ted came by. I had him over for lunch.? She leaned up devouring Dan?s mouth with her filthy kiss. ?I really like him. You are lucky to have a guy like Ted.? Fae?s breath reeked of raw semen. But they both knew that Dan wouldn?t do or say anything about it. ?Mr Clark!? Ted nodded coming out of the bathhouse. ?Beautiful home you have.? Ted tried not to tremble. ?We?re comfortable here.? Dan intoned without eye contact. He?d seen Ted?s trunks under the lounge. Dan felt sick in the stomach suspecting that this young buck had just fucked his unfaithful wife. However, he knew better than to pursue the matter. He was Fae?s Pussy Slave. And the bank needed Ted. Seeing Dan?s glum sullen eyes, Fae threw her head back baring her teeth in crushing triumph. Her pussy stunk. Now she?d go up to the guest room and see if Coy had learned his lesson. Fae would spend the rest of the day laying buck naked on the silk sheets with her legs spread wide open while her fawning Boy Toy worshipped her hot, filthy wet, cunt like an animal. ?Please don?t leave me again. I?ll be a very good boy!? 10970 1.82/512345

First Time Swinging Pt 1

FIRST TIME SWINGING Pt 1 On Saturday night my wife, Sue, invited her sister, Pat, and Pat's new boyfriend over for drinks and to watch a couple of rented movies. We had never met Joe, but Pat had a lot of good to say about him so he had to be okay. Sue and I are 38 and try to keep ourselves in good shape, although the years do take their toll in places. I am six-foot-two, and about 210 pounds. Sue is five-foot-seven, 128 pounds, and has long blonde hair that flows to her waist. Sue's measurements are 38C-24-36. Sue has no trouble turning the heads of other men -- and a few women -- when she walks down the street. Men love to see her braless breasts swing and sway under the tank tops she loves to wear in the summer. Good looks must run in the family. Pat is an absolute knockout, although from the neck down you couldn't tell they were related. Pat is 25, five feet tall, and about 100 pounds and also has very long blonde hair. She has very small breasts, beautiful eyes and -- oh yes -- a great mind . I have admired Pat since the first time I had met her. Her size intrigued me, since my wife is much more "developed." I've mentioned to Sue many times that Pat looked like the type of woman that a man could REALLY enjoy himself with. Sue had told me about an experience that she and Pat'd had together about six years ago, before we met. Pat and Sue had met a really good- looking guy on vacation in Jamaica and both of them wanted to spend the night with him. Since they couldn't decide who would get him, they decided to share him. Sue said that Pat was really wild in bed and even seemed to have some bi tendencies, although Sue wasn't sure. Sue knew the effect telling all this had on me and enjoyed teasing me, since she and I knew that no harm comes from some good fantasies. I picked up some really good California chardonnay and an action movie and a comedy. When I got home, Sue had just stepped out of the shower. Seeing the water drip from her large, hard nipples, my cock was equally hard in no time. I was about to get undressed and fuck Sue, but she said Pat and Joe would arrive in about 10 minutes and I only had time to hop in the shower myself and get dressed. At 7:00 p.m. they arrived and Sue and I were both stunned to see that Joe was six-foot-six, 235 pounds, very good-looking and very black; Pat had never mentioned that Joe was black (not that it mattered). We got acquainted with the usual small talk and sat Pat and Joe down on the living room couch while Sue and I went to the kitchen to pour the wine. Sue told Pat to take her pick of which movie they wanted to watch first. In the kitchen Sue whispered that she and Pat had talked years before about a fantasy of being fucked by a black man, but neither had ever done it; both always worried about the "taboo" and about what others would say. Sue said she thought Joe was really good-looking and she couldn't wait to ask Pat privately if he was good in bed and if he had as big a cock as they had always heard black men have. We laughed and I asked Sue if she was sorry she'd gotten married before fulfilling her fantasies. She said she very happy with me and didn't need any other men, but I could tell sexy thoughts were swimming around in her head. We returned to the living room with the wine and Pat was looking at a tape box from our private collection. Sue told her those were our "training films" and pointed to the two movies that I had rented, suggesting one. Pat said we should watch one of the XXX-rated movies, as she had never seen one. Joe said he'd only seen one and that he and the girl he was with had never gotten very far into it for some reason . Sue and I looked at each other and agreed to watch a little bit of one, since Pat was being so insistent. Sue said she would be a bit embarrassed, since she had just met Joe and now would be watching many scenes of fucking, sucking and cum shots (she didn't use that exact language, though, as I remember). I put a tape into the VCR and Sue and I sat on the Loveseat across from Joe and Pat, who were on the couch. As with most of these films, there really wasn't much of a plot and soon we were watching a really young looking girl getting a very, very large cock slammed into her pussy from behind. This girl was really getting it and enjoying every inch of the guy's large cock. I glanced at Pat and saw that she and Joe were really mesmerized by the scene unfolding before them on the screen. Sue, as always, was starting to squirm as she began to get turned on watching the movie. This was one of her favorite movies from our collection. I reached to the dimmer switch and lowered the lighting slightly to take some of the glare away from the screen. I guess I was a little concerned that Joe and Pat would notice that Sue had her hand on my crotch, rubbing my growing erection through my jeans, and thought that with the lights down, they might not notice. As the movie went on, another man entered the room, and the fucking couple froze; the man supposedly was the husband and looked very startled by the scene before him. Here was his wife on her knees on the bed and an unknown man had his monster cock buried to the hilt in her pussy. The couple on the bed expected the husband to really get mad and maybe violent. She began pleading for his forgiveness while the guy just remained frozen on his knees behind this guy's wife, stunned and unable to move. The husband walked over to the bed and without saying a word, dropped his pants, kicked them off and held his own large and very erect cock in front of his wife's face. She seemed to relax, as did the "stranger," and she took almost ALL of her husband's cock into her throat. I couldn't believe that she could swallow as much cock as she was. The "stranger" slowly began fucking into the woman again and the woman began moaning really loud. I heard some strange noises coming from Pat and turned to see that she had Joe's cock out of his pants with both of her hands wrapped around it, licking the head as she watched the movie. Joe was engrossed in the movie also. I looked at Sue and saw she was no longer watching the movie but was staring starry-eyed at the size of Joe's cock, just the head of which Pat was now trying very hard to get into her mouth. I must admit that I had never seen a cock as large as Joe's. It had to be at least 12 inches long and as big around as Pat's wrist. Joe was a pretty dark-skinned black man, but his cock was coal-black and it was a real turn on to see it in Pat's white mouth. Sue had taken my cock out of my pants and was swallowing all 7-1/2 inches, to my balls, while staring at Pat licking and sucking Joe's cock. Sue and I had forgotten that the movie was even on! I looked at Pat again and noticed that she was staring at Sue swallowing my cock and when Sue took it all into her throat again Pat moaned really loud. That sort of broke what tension in the air and we all snickered a little. Sue started to show off her deep-throat skills and Joe now was also staring at my wife swallowing my cock. I saw Joe unbutton Pat's blouse and knew I was actually going to see my sister-in-law's tits for the first time. Joe moved her blouse to the side and squeezed one of Pat's very hard nipples between his black fingers. The contrast in skin colors was really a turn-on. I felt like my cock grew another inch and Pat's eyes met mine. She really was enjoying watching me watch them. Not to be outdone, I began lifting Sue's shirt -- but before I lifted it over her large tits, she stopped me and looked me in the eye. She seemed uncertain about where this might lead if we all allowed things to continue at this pace. I smiled at Sue and told her that everything was okay since we all seemed to be enjoying ourselves. She moved her hand from mine and I lifted her shirt up and over her head as she lifted her arms so I could remove it completely. She blushed when she saw Joe staring at her big tits with their large circled nipples. Her nipples hardened under my touch until they were at least three- quarters of an inch long. I lifted Sue's right breast to show Joe more of it. Pat was the first to talk, saying that she had always wished she had the breasts that her sister had. Sue told her she had always wanted the petite little body that Pat had. Joe and I said, almost at the same time, that both were very beautiful and very sexy. Pat looked at Joe and then at Sue and asked Sue if she would like to see Joe's big black cock closer. Pat said that she'd been absolutely hooked on Joe ever since the first time she'd tried to wrap her hand around his cock. Sue was a bit stunned at her sister's question and looked up at me. I knew she'd love to get her hands on that cock. At first I hesitated, but we'd always had a very honest and loving relationship and I knew that I really had nothing to worry about as far as any reason for jealousy. I smiled at Sue and she stood up, as did Pat. They giggled like little girls and Pat began getting totally undressed. Sue just naturally followed suit. Joe and I thought we might as well get comfortable, also -- and got naked real quick. I thought I was going to get a treat by being able to watch my wife touching another man's cock. It being a giant black cock was just a bonus. As I watched Sue kneel on the floor in front of Joe I found to my surprise that Pat was kneeling in front of me! God, she was a fox! She was so tiny, her nipples so extended and hard, her pussy looked so small and had a few drops of moisture that had formed around the lips. She looked like a little girl, since her pussy was completely shaved. I could see her clit very clearly between her pussy lips. Pat reached out and took my cock in her hands, commenting how she had often wanted to do this with Sue and I but never really thought it would happen. She said she'd never felt a cock get so hard before, and then dropped her mouth over my cock. Boy, was I in heaven! I had almost forgotten about Sue and Joe. Here I was, sitting in my living room naked with my sister-in-law naked and slobbering on my hard cock. I knew it wouldn't be too long before I would be blasting my cum down her throat if she kept this up and told her so. She just moaned again and swallowed more of my cock. I looked over at Sue and saw that she had both hands on Joe's cock, holding it like a baseball bat and rubbing the head over her lips and between her tits. Joe couldn't help himself and grabbed her big tits in each hand and began fondling her extended nipples. The sight of his black hands on Sue's tits was a real turn on and I told Sue as much. She turned sideways so I could see what she was doing better. She said she had fantasized about having me watch her with another man many times but never thought it would be more than a fantasy. With that she dropped her head and took about four inches of that big black rod down her throat. The sight of her lips stretched over the black skin and the sucking I was getting from her sister was just too much and I blew my steaming cum into Pat's mouth. Pat was ready and immediately began swallowing what felt like gallons of cum. As she continued to suck me and lick the cum she caught running down her chin, I grabbed her tiny tits, squeezing the nipples real hard. As I spurted the last of my cum into her mouth Pat let out a moan and began her own orgasm. She sat up, used her fingers to wipe the cum from the side of her face and licked her fingers very sexily. Pat said she loved the taste of cum and that mine was some of the best she had ever had. She said I must've known her tits were sensitive and that squeezing her nipples until they hurt always got her so turned on that she came. She said that in high school, the boys loved seeing her cum just from playing with her tits. Pat got up and sat on the couch next to me, still rubbing my cock. She was on my right and lifted her left leg over my thighs. Then she took my hand and brought it to her wet pussy. She told me to stick two fingers into her and I quickly obliged. I actually had trouble getting two fingers into her, even though she was sopping from her cum. She was SO tight, I was hoping I would get a chance tonight to actually put my hard cock in her and fuck her silly. Here I was now, ramming two fingers in and out of my sister-in- law's pussy while she played with my cock and balls, and we were both watching Sue swallow as much of Joe's cock as she could. Pat said Sue always could suck a cock and swallow more than her. She said they used to practice on cucumbers when they were younger and Pat would visit Sue at her apartment. I was already getting hard again listening to Pat and seeing Sue sucking away, trying to get Joe to cum. Sue pulled back and said to Joe, "I want to taste your cum! Please cum in my mouth with your beautiful black cock! I want my husband and sister to see me swallow another man's cum." Sue didn't even get her mouth back on Joe's cock before he shot his load all over her face. She quickly put his cock back in her mouth and was able to catch most of it, swallowing as fast as she could. He just kept cumming and cumming and cumming! Pat jumped up and ran over and told Sue to let her have some of that cum. She said she'd always been amazed at how much this man would cum, that it seemed like quarts. Sue held that black cock for Pat so she could have some of his burning white cum in her mouth. Then they cleaned his cock up with their tongues and -- to my surprise -- Pat began licking the cum from Sue's face. Pat began kissing Sue deeply, swapping cum in her mouth. They were really getting turned on. Joe said that he had never seen two women making love together, let alone two sisters. I had seen it before in our movies but never would've believed I would see my wife and sister-in-law making out. Sue and Pat pushed the coffee table out of the way and Sue laid on her back. Pat told Sue she'd always wanted to have sex with another woman, especially her sister, but thought Sue would think she was weird or something. Sue said they should try it out, since we were all trying new things tonight. Pat lifted her leg over Sue's head and got into the 69 position. As Pat lowered her head into Sue's dripping pussy, she lowered her own, bare pussy to Sue's tongue. Both of us guys just sat in our places watching these two sisters noisily licking and sucking each other's pussy. Sue told me to come around behind Pat; she wanted to see my cock sliding into her sister's pussy. I knelt with my knees on either side of Sue's head and moved in closer to Pat's open pussy. Sue took hold of my now rock-hard cock and rubbed it up and down Pat's pussy lips, making sure it rubbed Pat's clit, also. When Pat began squirming back against my cock, Sue placed it at the entrance of that tiny pussy. Pat pushed back and I pushed forward, burying myself in her with one thrust. It was like fucking a woman's ass; I couldn't believe how tight she felt around my cock! Sue was going nuts. She said she loved seeing my cock in Pat's pussy and began licking my cock on the outstroke and my balls when I buried myself in Pat. Pat was in heaven, from the sounds of her mewling. She continued to lick and suck Sue's pussy and clit while shoving herself back onto my cock. Pat lifted her head to see what Joe was doing and was glad to see he was hard again, too. Pat said we had to change positions to allow all of us to have fun. Pat had me pull out and lie on my back. She then straddled me, facing my feet. She laid back on my chest and told Sue to continue to lick her pussy and my cock. Pat then told Joe to kneel behind Sue and stuff that big cock into Sue. Pat told him to get all of it in Sue so she'd feel what it's like to be filled with 12 inches. While I reached around to play with Pat's tits and nipples, I lifted my head to see the look on Sue's face as she took this new, giant, black, cock into her tight pussy. As Joe knelt behind my wife with that huge cock sticking out, Sue said she was going to really enjoy getting all of that black rod into her pussy. Sue hadn't had another man since we were married and I could tell she was really looking forward to this. I saw her reach around behind her and grab Joe's cock and rub it up and down, getting the head wet from her juices which were by now really flowing. She started to stuff his cock into her and told him to take it easy so she could adjust to his size a little at a time. I saw her eyes roll back and her mouth open as he started pushing into her. I knew just what he was feeling entering my wife's pussy and really got turned on seeing her take him. Meanwhile, Pat was bobbing up and down on my cock and making a lot of unintelligible sounds and saying how good my cock felt in her. After about two minutes, Sue took ALL of that huge black cock into her wet pussy. After adjusting to his size and after he began a steady fucking into her, my wife lowered her tongue to her sister's pussy again, sucking Pat's clit. Pat was the first to cum. She really got wild. She screamed out "John, cum in my pussy, fill me with your hot cum, I want my sister to see her husband's cock spurting into my pussy and then lick your cum from me." I gladly obliged, filling her with my cum as her tight pussy sucked it from my hard cock. Her bare pussy kept milking my cock with contractions until I was totally drained. Boy, could she work that pussy! I wondered how she could ever get all of that giant black cock of Joe's into this tight pussy! I am not small, but compared to Joe...well you get the idea. Pat stood. I got up and plopped on the couch, totally exhausted but hoping I could still fuck Pat again before the night was over. Sue disengaged from Joe and turned over onto her back. Sue lifted her legs until her head was between her knees and said, "Joe, get over here and put that big black cock back in my hot pussy and fuck me into the ground." Joe moved up between my wife's thighs and I saw my wife take his black cock and place it back at the opening of her dripping pussy. Sue said, "Ram that monster black bat into me and then fill me with your cum. I want to be fucked hard and let my husband see me getting fucked and see a big black man fill my pussy with his cum." She looked fantastic spread out there before another man, and what a turn on to watch that black cock spreading her pink pussy lips and sinking into her depths! My wife looked me right in the eye as Joe fucked into her with one stroke and said, "John, do you like seeing your wife being fucked by a black man? Do you enjoy seeing my hot pussy swallow another man's cock? John, get the camcorder and film this for me -- I want to put on a show for the camera, I want to make our own fuck movie -- I am so FILLED with BLACK COCK and it FEELS SO GOOD! KEEP FUCKING ME, JOE!" It took me about two minutes to get the camcorder loaded and ready and I got back I was just in time to see Pat straddle Sue's face with her pussy and lower herself onto Sue's extended tongue. I began filming immediately! I zoomed in to see my cum dripping from Pat into my wife's mouth, who sucked it out of Pat's pussy. This was such a turn on, I couldn't believe this was really happening. I was all over the place, filming everything. I filmed Joe squeezing Pat's nipples as he fucked into my wife. Joe held Sue's ankles to spread her legs and pussy wide so I could get great shots of his cock splitting my wife's pussy. Here was my wife, her ass lifting off the floor to meet this black man's thrusts while she licked my cum from her sister's pussy. While I was filming, I walked around so Pat could take my cock in her mouth again. I filmed my cock sliding into Pat's mouth as she screamed that she was going to cum again. This woman wrote the book on multiple orgasms! As she came, my wife yelled out, "My God, I am going to cum from being fucked by a big black cock! Fill me, fuck me hard! I want my husband to film your cum overflowing my pussy around your fabulous cock...I'm CUMMING!!!" Joe gave out a big grunt and filled my wife with his cum. I could see his cum flowing out around his cock; my wife's pussy was so filled with cock there couldn't have been room for his cum. I continued filming and told Pat I was going to cum again. Pat held my cock out away from her and stroked me until I blasted all over her face. She started to rub my cum all over her face and tits. Naturally, I kept filming, even with weak knees. Joe pulled his cock out of my wife with a loud plopping sound. Pat immediately dove into my wife's pussy to lick up all of the cum she could. She spread Sue's ass cheeks to lick all of the cum from Sue's asshole that kept running out of her pussy. When the women finally stopped licking each other we all decided to take a break. I really needed one, too. The six-hour XXX movie was still running in the VCR and we all laughed because we'd only seen about thirty minutes of it. We had been fucking for about an hour and a half. We toasted our new-found relationship. The whole room smelled of sex. Joe and Pat said that they had never thought that this was how the night would turn out. We agreed, but said we hoped that we could get together again sometime for some adult games. We talked about fantasies, sex experiences and what turned us all on for about another half hour. Naturally all of the talk got us going again! Pat said she'd always wanted to get fucked in the ass, but there was no way she could handle Joe's monster cock in her. She wasn't sure she could even take me but wanted to know if I'd try. My cock sprung to full mast right away in answer to her question. Sue got some KY jelly and with Pat on her hands and knees, spread the KY on and in Pat's asshole. Pat was really getting turned on. Sue said she couldn't wait to take her husband's cock and feed it into her sister's tight asshole. Sue told Joe to get the camera and start filming, which he did right away. Sue worked my cock head into Pat's ass and then, surprisingly, Pat shoved back hard with a scream and buried my cock in her ass. She held still for a few seconds and then began fucking back and forth. Her ass was so tight I didn't think I would've lasted too long if I hadn't cum a couple of times already. I'd never fucked a woman in the ass -- Sue always thought it would hurt too much -- but when she saw how much her sister enjoyed having a cock in her ass she wanted to try it, too. Sue got on her knees next to Pat and told me to alternate between their asses. I pulled out of Pat and got behind Sue, who had already put lots of KY in and around her asshole. Sue told me to ram my cock into her ass in one stroke. I asked if she was sure. She reached back, grabbed my cock, placed it at her asshole and rammed herself back onto my hard cock. Sue was screaming about how much it hurt and yet moaning how great it felt to be stuffed like this. I pulled out and plunged into Pat again. After about every five or six strokes, I switched asses. I was in heaven, fucking my wife's ass and then her sister's ass and so on and so on, etc., etc., etc. Joe filmed it all. Just in case I didn't get this chance again, I blasted all of my cum deep into my sister-in-law's ass instead of my wife's. Sue didn't mind and I knew that since she seemed to like this a lot now, we would be doing it again in the future. That night I watched my wife fuck that huge black cock two more times and had her suck me off once while I watched her getting fucked. Pat and Sue spent about thirty minutes entertaining themselves -- and us -- by eating each other to several more climaxes. I watched in amazement as Pat took ALL of Joe's giant black cock into her tiny body. She must have felt it in her throat, for gods' sake! All in all, it was a very exciting night and we have gotten together several times since. Wait till the next story about Joe bringing his three brothers along one night, when Pat had to work. My wife really liked a gangbang by four black men and myself. I got some great film, too. Next week Pat is bringing over two girlfriends from work, to watch some movies . Its a "HARD" job, but someone has to do it. What a life! 9938 1.60/512345


MARINE By Terri At the time of this story, I was a 23-year-old Marine. I was one of the few Marines stationed at a U. S. Army post in Texas, so most of my friends were G. I.?s. I had become rather intimate friends with a couple who lived in the Army housing area across the parade ground from my barracks. For the purposes of this story, we?ll say the couple?s names were Gene and Terri. They were [and still are] married and by now he?s in his early forties, and she?s in her late thirties, I think. It all started about ten years ago; then, as now, I was single. At the time this happy madness started, my only sexual outlet for about a year had been jacking off. I was getting pretty desperate. Terri was an incredible looking little lady with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a mother of two hyper little guys, and active in the military community. Gene was a sergeant in the Army, and he was tall, over six feet, and had brown hair and dark blue eyes. I have sandy blonde hair, green eyes and I am taller than Terri, but nowhere near as tall as Gene. Being an active duty Marine, I was very fit and trim, and Terri referred to me as her ?little hard body.? We had met at a local club, and through conversation had discovered that we lived near each other. Terri flirted with me a lot, always kind of playful, and one day they invited me over to their house for a home cooked meal. I brought a bottle of wine and we all laughed and joked and the evening went fine. We finished the meal and went to sit on the couch, and somehow Terri ended up sitting next to me with her warm small hand on my thigh. The wine had gotten to us by now and both Terri and I were in full flirt mode. I was enjoying it and getting turned on, when out of the blue Gene said, ?Hey.? When he saw he had my attention, he quietly asked me, ?Would you like to fuck my wife?? Needless to say, I was stunned at first. When everything appeared to be cool, I said I would love to fuck her; any man would. I just wanted to be sure he understood that I meant only if no one got hurt, only if everyone was cool with it. I found her very attractive, but would never dream of sneaking around behind a friend?s back. As I kept trying to explain, and succeeded only in digging the hole deeper, Terri took my face in her hands and began to kiss me. At this point I was really off balance. Her touch seemed electric as she slid her hand down to caress my cock through my jeans. I was then stunned speechless when Terri unzipped my trousers and went down on me; a wordless cry quietly escaped me. I immediately looked over at Gene, but he was just sitting there, smiling like a Bond villain with a glass of wine in his hand. Her mouth was wet and warm and perfect, her tongue swirling around the head of my cock in a magical way. She sucked my cock like she meant it; the caring of a friend combined with the skill of a porn star. She had a hand action that teased and threatened to satisfy all too soon, but some how she could sense where my level of arousal was. I would get almost to the point of shooting in her mouth, when she would slow and stop, then start again. Gene came over and watched her drive me crazy for a while, and then he told us to come upstairs. Following his lead, we went upstairs and Terri stripped my clothes off. She took off her clothes and we got into bed together. Gene took off his clothes and watched us, stroking his cock. Terri was lying on her side and I lay down behind her and eased my cock into her. She was wet, but unbelievably tight; pushing into her tight hot wet cunt I had to ask if I was hurting her. Once I was in, I pumped her like a horny schoolboy getting some for the first time. After I had been fucking Terri for a few minutes, Gene lay down behind me, caressing me and kissing my neck. I jumped as I felt his lubricated cock slide between my ass cheeks and the tip of his cock touched my ass hole. I held off fucking Terri for a minute and let Gene slowly push his cock into my ass, and then he gently fucked me while I gently fucked his wife. Everything seemed to be taking place in slow motion, with a lot of kissing and caressing and caring. I was a little drunk and extremely turned on, so I didn?t much care what was happening as long as it all felt good. His cock felt huge, but I discovered later that it wasn?t really much larger than mine. After a few minutes of this, Terri got up and told me to fuck Gene. I had messed around with other guys before as a kid, but I had never really fucked or been fucked by a man before. I got behind him and pushed my pussy-lubed cock into his ass hole and fucked him while Terri kissed me deeply and passionately. After the head she had given me, then the incredible tightness of her pussy, then the exceptional sensation of anal sex, it didn?t take long for me to shoot my load up Gene?s ass. It was becoming a night of firsts for me. We all ended up in the shower, soaping and fondling each other?s body. We got out of the shower and by then, all three of us had sobered up quite a bit. We talked for while about sex and discovery, friendship, boundaries and limits. Gene said that he and Terri didn?t think of themselves as fitting any particular label; bisexual, gay, straight. They made love to individuals, not categories, so the lovers they had over the years had been both men and women they cared about. After a bit, I was sitting on the bed and Gene and Terri got down and ganged up on me to suck my cock. Terri sucked my balls while Gene licked my shaft, then they would switch. It was amazing. After a few minutes, they had me lie down on my front as they licked, kissed and tongue-fucked my ass. It felt incredible. Terri lay down and I lay on top of her and fucked her in a basic, normal missionary position. I just could not get over how tight her hot wet box was. After watching us for a few minutes, Gene joined us and fucked my ass again. Unlike the first time, when everything had been gentle and almost maddeningly slow, this time he grabbed my hips and just fucked me. Terri hung on, keeping my cock in her wet velvet vise as her husband hammered me. He shot his cum inside my ass just as I shot my load into his wife?s pussy. It was the first time I had ever cum with anything in my ass and the sensation was mind-boggling. Terri laughed at the expression on my face, and then kissed me deeply. Gene and I have kissed a few times, but that still feels a little weird. I guess I still have some hang ups left after all. We ended up fucking each other all night, developing a relationship that lasted as long as I was stationed there. Usually, it was the three of us, but every now and again Gene would take me out for a fuck or just to suck his cock, which I learned to do quite well. Usually, we would drive out into the woods somewhere, and get out of the car. I would stand with my back pressed against him as he leaned against the car. I would feel his hard on press against me through our clothes as he jacked me off while kissing my neck and whispering to me. After I came, I?d suck him off, or I would bend over the car and take him up my ass. A few times I fucked Terri while we were waiting for Gene to get in from work. To this day, I have never fucked a tighter pussy, and she may very well be the best cocksucker I have ever experienced. I?d love to see them again. In a favorite fantasy of mine, I would like to go on a ?swinger?s holiday? with them, where the three of us would fuck plenty of men and women, and just share good times. "Happy orgasms to all y'all!" Luv, terri 3911 1.21/512345

Tim and Tina

TO BE READ BY ADULTS AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE Copyright c November 2002 By C.D.E. ALL Rights Reserved This story may not be reproduced in any form or sold for profit. This story may be freely distributed for personal use with this notice attached. All Characters And Events Depicted In This Story Are Purely Fictional. There Is No Intention In Any Manner, To Represent Or Mimic, Any Real World Situations Or Persons. STORY CONTENT: (Cuckold, MC, MF, M+/F, FemDom, Impreg) WARNING: THIS STORY IS A PURE SEXUAL FANTASY. DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU ARE HOMOPHOBIC, AND/OR DO NOT LIKE READING A FICTIONAL STORY OF THE DOMINANT/CUNNING SLUT WIFE GENRE, WHERE GULLIBLE MEN ARE TRICKED/FOOLED/USED, PSYCHOLOGICALLY MANIPULATED, OCASSIONALLY FLAGELLATED, SEXUALLY DOMINATED BY THEIR BEAUTIFUL SLUT WIVES AND OCASSIONALLY BY THEIR WIVES' MALE LOVERS. TO BE READ BY ADULTS AT LEAST 21 YEARS OF AGE STORY Tim and Tina Author: C.D.E. ABSTRACT: Tim laments why he loves his fiancee so, especially in light of the abject humiliation she subjects him to. Well the wedding is finally over. Tina and I are going on a well planned, but short honeymoon. We aren't going to far from home as she is in her eighth month and could deliver anytime now. But it's so good to finally be married to the love of my life for so many years. Finally I'll be able to have sex with the woman of my dreams. Well not right away. You see the doctor told her that intercourse is out until about 60 to 90 days after the baby is born. Oh, well. I've waited this long, what's a few more months? The doctor did say it was okay for me to perform oral sex on her. So I'll be performing the same type of sex I've had with her since we began dating and became serious with each other. Tina and I have been dating for the last five years. We had known each other in high school, but we were more friends than lovers then. I tried to make her feel for me as I felt about her back then, but, she insisted we remain friends. After College I returned home and she and I became closer friends, then an item. We became serious and then lovers, but she still wasn't ready for marriage. She said she wanted to be sure I was. I did everything I could to prove to her that I would love and cherish her, but to no avail, she chose to keep on dating and for us to remain lovers. "Tim, I want to be truly sure you're in love with me before we get married. I know you love me and I know I love you. Let's continue to maintain our relationship until I'm sure we're both ready." Tina said kissing me before we went out on our date for the evening. As we drove, I couldn't keep from glancing at the very short mini skirt she was wearing tonight. Her blouse was extremely sheer and she wore no bra. I wondered if her size 38C endowments would be safely constrained by the thin fabric. Luckily, there were opaque patches at strategic places to hide her nipples. That night I dropped her off at Steve's apartment. There were several cars parked out front of the duplex. Two nights ago I dropped her off at Bob's apartment. I suspected he was at Steve's place tonight also. "Tim, I'd like for you to walk me to the door this time and maybe come in for a moment or two before you go back to my place." "P-Please Tina, you know the guys are going to rib me about you being there with them. Y-You know I haven't got over the time you were in the back and they pulled a train on you while they kept me occupied upfront. Later they sent me back to get you when they had their fill of you." I moaned pathetically in reply. "You haven't gotten over that yet? Why that's been over four years ago. Tim, you're just going to have to grow up and accept that I like to party and be friendly around the fellows from high school and their friends. It wasn't planned to be a sex thing then. It just happened. It seemed like the right thing for me to do at the time. They were so horny and their horniness caused me to be horny too. So I gave them all some. They have their needs and if I'm in the mood and able to help them out, I do so. Besides darling, you know I always go home with you, or come home to you after they've borrowed my cunt. If I didn't love you I wouldn't come home at all, especially after they've partially satisfied me and gotten the hardness out of their cocks. You know you're the only man that can really satisfy me after I've come in from partying all night. I really am in love with you, and especially your tongue. You eat me out so heavenly. No man has made me feel like you do Tim darling. I feel like I'm floating out of this world when you put your head between my legs and lap and suck out all the juices other fellows shoot off in me." "T-Tina please. W-we've gone over all this before. Y-You know I want to please you so much. That's the only reason I-I do you... when you come back all messy, drippy and full of their stuff..., b-but can't you consider c-cleaning..." "No! I've told you before that I think it's romantic and sexy when you suck my pussy after I've been out with other men. Men with big dicks, I might add." She said with a smirk. I cringed as usual when she does that to me. "I'm sorry Tim darling. I was wrong. That was unfair. Even though you're small, your heart is in the right place. I know you really love me. I know these guys in there just love to fuck me, and I guess I love for them doing that darling. But you see, it's just sex with them. But with you it's always very special. It's love and sex. That's why I haven't let you put it in yet. If I give you some and not be married to you, you'd probably take me for granite and even lose respect for me." SOME HISTORY ABOUT TINA & I I truly love Tina even though many would say she is nothing more than a gutter slut. Her mother adores me and strongly encourages me to keep holding on for her daughter. She urges me to persevere and be patient as I wait to be her husband one day. However, her family also supports her being the free spirit she is and for me to love her in the way she desires me to. To my chagrin, Tina doesn't keep it a secret that I suck her pussy, and especially after she's been fucked by one of her many lovers or strangers. However, something her mom said did upset me. "Tim you'll make a wonderful and dutiful husband for Tina, even know you'll probably never be the real man in her life." Her words hurt, but I respect her to have her own opinion. The other sad thing is that my family also loves Tina. My mother and father think she'll make the perfect wife for me. "Dear, I love your father, just as Tina loves you. I know how she feels. I love to go out and party with other men too. You've know that now that you're of age. You also know that you are your father's child while your sister's father was one of my lover's. Dear, like your father, you need a slut for a wife. You won't be happy with out having slut pussy to suck. From what Tina tells me, you suck just as good as your father. You are definitely a chip off the old block." As can be seen, Mother was very supportive of me eating other men's cum from Tina's well fucked cunt. Because of mom, Tina started requiring me to do an around the world on her with my lips and tongue after she gets ganbanged, which is about once a week. I tell you, I've licked and sucked a boat load of other men's jism out of her luscious pussy, off tits, belly, thighs, ass, and off her face. She thoroughly likes me to wash her face with my tongue when men splatter her face with their thick gluey semen. She also adores kissing me when her mouth is coated with some man's, or men's, gooey dick slime. Mother has repeatedly told me women like she and Tina like two things in a man. Those with big dicks and the other that has a good tongue and isn't afraid to use it to show the woman he loves, he truly loves her. "You see son, you and your father are in the second class. The pussy eating class. That's how you take care of women the best, and of course to do it up right will require you to eat cum, other men's cum, that is from those with the big dicks, from her cunt. To me that's the highest expression of love you can show your woman when you, as a pussy eating class male, does that for your woman. Just remember, most women can always find men to fuck them, it's the pussy sucking class, like you that are indeed a treasure for women and are thought highly of." In one way or the other mother's words have been repeated to me in different ways many times. However, for some reason, I don't feel held in high esteem or treasured by my fiancee. I seem to be in the pits more often than not. I really don't know how I got into this thing of sucking out Tina's sloppy slimy pussy. If memory serves me right, it was when Tina disappeared at a Christmas party one evening, and I later found her in a closet in one of the bed rooms of the house where the party was held. She had let three men, one right after the other, bone her standing up in the tight confines of the closet. It was my misfortune to arrive just after the last man had busted his nuts and passed me after walking out of the small closet as he was adjusting his clothes. He whispered as he walked past me. "There's a hot slut in the closet. I just fucked her as well as 2 other guys. She's sloppy, but definitely a good fuck." I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the closet. It was such a shock to discover that the slut he'd referred to was my Tina. Secondly, there was a heavy stream of jism running down the inside of Tina's thighs. There was a stream of pussy juice beginning to run down the inside of her thighs toward the top of her nylons. "Tim darling, I'm so glad to see you. I could use some help here." She said in more of a matter-of-fact tone, than one of being surprised to see me. I was alarmed at her apparent lack of shame. Just then I heard more voices coming into the bedroom, which had the many guest's coats on the bed. I quickly closed the closet door and dropped a blanket across the bottom of it to keep the closet light from reflecting out along the bottom. Why I thought of that, I'll never know. The closet was a walk in type and apparently was used for linen and blanket storage. Now my attention was back on Tina and her predicament, which she quickly turned around into my predicament. She's so canny about doing that to me. This is how she did it. "Tim I can understand you being upset because those fellows big cocks got me turned on. But now I got all this cum in me that needs to be cleaned up. We got three options. One I can use something in this closet to wipe it up. I don't like that because I respect the host too much to mess up their bed linens and towels to do that. Two, I can walk out of here and others will see me all a mess and we both will be embarrassed. Your high class college friends will not think highly of you, including your religious upright boss, if they see me this way. Do you want that?" "N-No, of course not. W-What is the third option. You'd better hurry, his thick semen has almost reached the top of your stockings." I said in a whispered panicky tone. "That you clean it up with your mouth." "S-Stop kidding Tina. I-I am not about..." "You cleaned your sister's cunt out several times when her dates rubber busted. She told me. You're no stranger to eating cum, so don't play naive with me darling. In fact it was your mother who insisted you do it for her. I also know your father also did it for her and does it routinely for your mom after she's been out with her lovers. I know about your mom fucking around." Her words were like a series of lighting bolts. I knew I looked sick. Why did my sister tell her about our family's dirty laundry? To make a long story short, I was coerced into eating her cream pie and cleaning up the evidence of her closet fuck session. When I got home that night - this was before Tina and I moved in together - I let mom know about sis being a blabbermouth. To my surprise, mom didn't react the way I thought she would. I really wanted sis to be on the receiving end of mom's wrath, at least once. I thought sure this was going to be it. Instead, she simply asked me, "Did you do a good job of cleaning her up with your tongue? Did you swallow all of the fuck juices?" I was stunned and speechless. Seeing my slowness to reply, she went on to let me know that she had expected this to happen sometime or the other and is the reason that she had me in training on my sister's jism filled cunt. She also revealed that my sister was on the pill and it was a ruse about the ruptured condom. "I wanted you to be trained in sucking pussy as well as sucking pussy with a purpose in mind, which is what happened to you tonight. It appeared your training came in quite handy and should also show Tina that you have a quality and skill that will endear her to you." I was spellbound as she talked. I had to sit down. LIFE GOES ON As I've said before, I don't know why I love Tina so much, that is, in view of the way she treats me. Each time I get fed up with her antics and tricks and decide to walk away from her, it seems I just fall deeper in love with her and usually get more humiliated. I'm really puzzled about that too. One thing that's kept my sanity about this whole thing is the counseling that Tina's uncle, who's a shrink, gives to us free. He invites us both to come in every three months or so to help us with our relationship. I'm really thankful for his help, otherwise I believe I'd gone insane by now because of her. He's been so helpful in causing me to see Tina's problems and helping her in dealing with them. The only problem is that it seems I keep letting him talk me into staying with her and being a part of his schemes to wean herself away from her sluttish behavior. He has been helping us for five years. Each time we go in to see him, he seems to have good reasons why she does what she does, but no criticism for what she does, like I often do. Even though he sees her trampish behavior as her searching for something or the other, there is never any condemnation of it. In the end, it seems as if things remain the same and I feel better about having gone to the session. That's the real part that's a mystery to me, even though he's explained that to me also. However, it seems as soon as I walk away from him I can't explain it to myself or anybody else for that matter. The other thing is his having separate interviews with us after our main session in which the three of us meet. It is in his session with me where I feel more at ease and good about my relationship with Tina, even though I know it's a humiliating situation for me. He often has me listen to some recoded music on headphones for about an hour as I lay on a divan in this absolutely quiet room he has in his office complex. It's so well insulated that you can't hear a thing from the outside. To make matters worse, it appears that Tina always manages to get laid by someone while I'm in the room listening to the soothing music her uncle has for me to hear. The problem is that I often seem to fall asleep doing these sessions and when I awake, she comes in and tells me she has met somebody in the office building and had a quickie with them and now needs some of my mouth treatment she adores so much. For some reason, it seems I have no will to refuse her and end up slavishly yielding to her even though I should be running away. It seems I always leave her uncle's office with the taste of her and some unknown man's fuck slop in my mouth and the smell on my breath. Well now that we're finally married and she's wearing my name, even though she's carrying another man's baby, I'm hopeful that marriage and motherhood will wean her away from her promiscuous ways. Tina's uncle didn't provide me much consolation by his take on things. "Tim, it's amazing what marriage can do for a wayward woman like my niece. It can help her get over letting other men sew their wild oats in her. The good part of it all is that no matter how long it takes, or how many of the sown oats turn into babies, you, her faithful husband, will be by her side, and of course, we expect you to be a good daddy to those kids." His wedding present to me was a CD, which he told me to listen to daily. It's labeled "Being A Happy Husband". Tina's uncle seems to have a hold or influence over me I can't quite explain. It's almost hypnotic at times. It seems that I just have to do what he tells me to. Oh well, maybe it's just me. Anyway, on the CD, there are several lectures or chapters by him and others that are suppose to give encouragement to husbands who have wives like Tina. There are chapters with such titles as: -Living With A Wife That Puts Out For Many, But Who Encourages You, Her Husband To Jack Off. -Sucking Up After Others, A Definitive Guide For Husbands Whose Wives Need Them To Perform Slimy Cunnilingus After Other Men Have Fucked Her -Being A Cuckold Does Not Mean Being Humiliated The father of our baby, was one of Tina's old boyfriends. Tina wasn't sure before the baby being born. His name was Gregory and the baby's face is a spitting image of him. Tina insisted we name our son Greg. I wasn't thrilled with the idea, but as is often the case, I can't seem to stop giving in to what Tina wants, or going along with her ideas and suggestions, when I know I don't want to do them, or go along with her. I've grown fond of our baby son and realize his innocence in all this, so I'm being the good daddy. My wife and both our families are pleased at my behavior. Even Gregory, the baby's father, compliments me. The bad part of it is that he does it when he comes by to take Tina out on dates, while I'm home baby-sitting little Greg. I was of course opposed to Tina going out with her old flame, the sire of our child. However, both my new wife and her uncle, quickly let me know I was being repressive and overly possessive as a husband. Again, I was overwhelmed by their desire for me to not refuse her. And again, I found myself with no will to resist. I capitulated. However, I must say I did manage to save face by winning a concession from my wife and her old boyfriend. "Okay Tim, I promise that I won't let more than five men, other than me, fuck your wife if she gets the urge for a gang bang." Gregory said as he reached out to shake my hand. I reluctantly shook his much larger one, which hurt as he almost crushed mine. Tina also promised too, but added a condition that probably was already understood. "Honey, it makes me feel good for you to put limits on me. I know you mean well and it tells me you do it because you love me. However, at the same time, I still need you to show your love for me and my wet pussy when I come home." Embarrassed at her unexpected openness, I meekly, and while blushing a very deep red in front of her, her uncle and mother, as well as Gregory, I promised that I would suck her "wet used" pussy nevertheless. "You're so sweet and just a perfect understanding husband."" My new wife said as she planted a kiss on my cheek just before she and Gregory left on their night out. "Tim, Tina is more outgoing than you. That's her natural personality. She brought that into the marriage. You on the other hand are an introvert, and not very outgoing. That's your personality and what you brought into this marital partnership. Your role is ideal to be the one to stay at home, while she goes out. Your wife will be at ease knowing that your child is being well taken care of as she enjoys herself dancing and drinking the night away. Also, by her temporarily getting away from the bonds of marital life for a short time, it'll renew her bond with you and the marriage. And as far as her going out with little Greg's real father, you should be comforted that she'll be with someone we're all close with." I looked at her uncle with a bewildered and speechless look as he consoled and reassured me I had done the right thing. However, his fleet-of-foot talking was dazzling, not so much from its strange logic, as it's unbelievable and brazen disregard for the sanctity of marriage and the traditional role of a husband. Oh well, They say marriage is give and take, but it seems like I'm having to give up much of my esteem as a man, and take a lot of humiliation as a husband. When I lament about "my perceived situation" - my wife's and uncle's words - they encourages me to listen to her Uncle's CD. They direct me to the chapter on: "Your Self Esteem Is At its Highest When You Kneel And Place Your Head In Your Wife's Crotch When She Comes Home From A Date With Another Man". ###END### Comments? Contact CDE at ccwriter@hotmail.com All my stories are archived at www.asstr.org. Click on "Authors", then click on "C.D.E.", then click "FTP". 4433 1.36/512345