Friday, August 2, 2013

What I Want

What I Want By Lise Hi Hubby. This is what I want. I want to walk into our bedroom in nothing but my heels and find you there, sitting naked in your cuckold?s chair like a good boy, stroking your cock. My hair is a mess, my cheeks are flushed, and there are bite marks and bruises on my pale skin from what they did to me. I want you to have heard my screams of pleasure from the room next door where my three black lovers serviced their willing whore. I want you to have stroked your cock until the pre-cum oozed from its tip while you listened to them as they banged me. I want to see it there glistening on the head of your cock. Can you smell my arousal? And that unmistakable mix of sweat and cum. The cum they shot inside your wife? I want you to watch transfixed as I stride around the room, posing for you, teasing you. Can you see the little trails of semen that are already running down my thigh? I want you to stare. I want to feel your eyes on me, gazing over every inch of me, longing to taste me. But I want you to deserve it first. I want to be worshipped. This is my favourite time, when I am just coming down from a good fucking and I?m all flushed and sensitive and alive. This is when I want you. I want you to imagine all the cum I have for you trapped inside my poor defenceless cunt. The cunt they fucked like animals. Can you see how red and puffy my pussy-lips are? Can you see the little white puddle there between them that my fingers are playing with? I?m holding it all inside there just for you. As much of it as I can. But you have to earn it first. Come here. That?s it, on your knees. I want you to kiss the tips of my toes, one by one, as I perch on the end of the bed and dangle my foot in front of your face. I want you to linger on the one with the ring. The wedding band you gave me the day we were married. The one I wear on my toe like a cuckold bracelet. Kiss it, lick it and worship it. Good boy. Now kiss your way up my leg. Kiss the back of my knees, where my skin is soft and taut. Make me tingle. Lap at me there with your expert tongue. I want to tower over you and look back over my shoulder so I can watch you plant a single, gentle kiss on each of my bum-cheeks. Do it with reverence, and stay away from my pussy. I want to reach back with my hands and spread my cheeks to give you a tantalising glimpse of my crack. My sexy anal flower. The dirty place I shit from. Do you remember the first time you cleaned it after I?d been to the toilet? Served you right for masturbating into my brand new stockings! Breathe in my ass now, baby. I want to see you swoon from that sweet smell you love so much. I love a man who can kiss me there, in my most sensitive and filthy place. Lap at it hard with your tongue you dirty boy. I want to feel your hot breath on my anus and your lips sucking in my little rosebud. Mmm, a little tremor of pleasure. But we can?t have too much of that, can we, or we?ll lose all that lovely cum I?m still holding inside me. I think some of it escaped. Can you see a big glob drip from my warm folds? Get up here! I want to stretch my arms out over my head and stretch out like a cat. And I want you to lick my armpits baby. Kiss them gently all the way up and then down. Smell how sweaty I am from all that fucking. Run your teeth along my juicy pits. Run your tongue along them. Twirl it around in my soft, damp skin. What a sensation! Do my neck too baby. Shower it with soft little kisses, just the way I like. Your breath against my skin makes me tingle with pleasure. Lick up behind my ear. Run your fingers through my tangled hair. Stroke my back with your fingertips. Linger on the smooth place where my back meets my bum. Kiss me there. Now sit back down on your cucky chair. I want to force my breast into your mouth. Hard. Suck it for me. Suck it like a baby. That nipple is sore from where they bit me, husband. One of them bit me while his fingers were inside my cunt getting me nice and juicy for them. Now kiss me on the mouth. Can you taste cock on my lips? I blew them all, darling. One by one. Now sit back. Watch when I dip a finger inside my cunt. See how gooey it is when I bring it out. I want to run that finger along your bottom lip. Look into my eyes while I?m doing it. I can see you?re eager to taste it. Taste my finger. Suck the cum off it. And lick your lips when I take it out of your little whore?s mouth. Now lie down on your back on the floor. It?s time. I want to see you down there, mouth open eagerly as I stand over you with a foot either side of your face. I want to play with my well-fucked cunt and slowly tease open these cute pink lips until the cum begins to dribble out. I want to force it all out gently, slowly. You?re such a lucky boy. I want to see you crane your neck to catch the long strands of cum on your tongue as they drip out of me. I want it to pour down into your wide-open mouth quicker than you can swallow it all. And I want to know you?re still jerking that cock of yours the whole time. Then I want to kneel down and press my cunt down on to your hungry face. Look up at me in all my naked glory as I force the last dregs down your throat. I want to smear my cummy pussy all over your slave-face. I want you to smell my musky red bush all matted with their cum and your saliva. And then I want you to finish me off. I want to feel your lips on my clit. I want to feel you roll it between them. Suckle on it gently until I clamp my thighs around your head and tremble with my last orgasm of the night. They made me cum so much I was screaming with pleasure. But while the one in my cunt kept pounding away, one of the other two shut me up by sticking his rock-hard cock in my mouth. I just came all the more violently. Here with you when you do this for me, my orgasm is always so much less violent, but so much more intense. I want to feel the adoration in your every touch. I get off so much on your worship of me James. It?s more delicious to me than the first penetration of a big black dick But you still haven?t been able to cum have you, husband? Stroke for me now baby. I want to watch you spend your tribute for me. You?ve waited so long. You want me to play with your asshole while you stroke, don?t you honey? Feel the ball of my finger tease your sweaty ring. Feel my fingernail lightly scratch that sensitive spot between your hole and your balls. I want to see you speed up. I want to see you really jerk it. Here I am with my beautiful ass in your face and my fingers pushing against the bud of your anus. Feel them slip inside your hot rectum as you jerk? I want to send you over the edge as they force their way up there to the second knuckle. I want to bring my mouth down level with the head of your cock as you jerk furiously, and open it for you. Cum in my mouth, husband. Think about the three black cocks that fucked your wife, and all the cum she fed you, and cum in my mouth. I want to hear you groan as you cum your tribute for me. I smile as you pump it into my mouth. But I don?t swallow. When you?re done, I lie down beside you, playing gently with your cute little cock as you come down from your high. And I kiss all that cum of yours back into your cuckold?s mouth and watch as you swallow it down. 4321 1.23/512345


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