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Sharing Allie

Sharing Allie by Craver My wife Allie is a beautiful, trim, nicely proportioned 40 year old mother of two, who has worked hard to maintain her physical appearance and succeeded. Basically, our life has been a happy one, although over the years I've felt something was lacking in the sexual side of our relationship. I've always enjoyed sex more than Allie, and have tried very hard to interest her in a variety of sexual variations, without much success. Until recently. Now, these days, my darling, proper, almost shy wife has turned into... dare I say it... somewhat of a slut. What event, you ask, took place to trigger such a dramatic change in a fairly conservative, "normal" suburban mother? The answer may surprise you, because you see, the event was planned and carried out be me. Where do I begin to tell you about it, to explain to you why a husband would do what I did to and for his wife. You see, the event that changed our lives took place late one evening at our home, when I willingly encouraged, and practically forced my darling wife Allie to have sex with a friend of ours. We had gone to a party with another couple, and unfortunately, the wife of our friend had become sick. Since we were riding with Hank and Janie, we had to leave when they did, and since their home was a little closer to the party than ours, Hank dropped Janie off first, before driving us to our house. I was feeling pretty good following a few drinks at the party, and so was Allie. In fact, she was rather more amorous than usual, and on the way to our house, I let her ride in front with Hank while I rode in the back seat behind her. Allie was wearing a very sexy black dress, with thin spaghetti straps and a very low cut front, especially for her. As she turned to speak to me, one of the straps fell off her shoulder, partially exposing one of her perfectly formed breasts. I noticed Hank glancing at it, and suddenly felt a tingling in my cock. Suddenly I wanted my friend to see more of my wife, of her near-naked breast. I leaned forward and kissed Allie, surprising her momentarily, but as the kiss continued, in her alcoholic daze, she returned the kiss, even opening her mouth to allow my tongue to touch hers. As casually as possible, I began pulling the strap down over her shoulder further, exposing to our friend more and more of my wife's breast. "What are you doing?" she giggled, pulling away from me. "Just trying to show you off, my darling," I said. "You know how proud I am of you, and your body." She looked at me for a moment, then giggled. "But darling, that's not nice. Is it, Hank?" she said, giggling again. "A husband shouldn't show off his wife to his friends, should he?" "Why not, if he's proud of her?" Hank said, playing along with me. "See, baby," I said, tugging on the other strap on her dress, surprised when she allowed me to also pull it down over her shoulder as well, now exposing even more of her nearly naked chest. She hadn't worn a bra, due to the design of the dress, and almost all of her tits were now on display for Hank to see. "You're bad, Donald," she said, her eyes rather glazed, not altogether sure of what was going on. My cock was rock hard now, and I knew this could be an excellent opportunity to see one of my most exciting fantasies come true. To see my darling wife Allie getting fucked by another man. Hank has always been rather open about his admiration for my wife, so I knew it would be rather easy to entice him into coming inside with us when we reached our home, and I was right. When we pulled into our driveway, I said, "Hank come on in for a drink. That's the least we can do to show our appreciation for your driving us home, okay?" I was especially grateful we'd allowed the kids to spend the night at their friends' homes, so we had the house all to ourselves. When I invited Hank in, Allie looked at me rather strange, but then just shrugged her shoulders and got out of the car, walking rather unsteadily toward the front door. Once we were all inside, I turned on the lights and told Hank to make himself at home, saying I wanted to speak with Allie privately for a moment in our bedroom. Leading her down the hall and into our bedroom, I kissed her and said I wanted to do something exciting. "What?" she asked, giggling quietly again. I realized she was a lot drunker than I'd imagined, which was good, since Allie always seems to be a lot more sexually pliable when she's been drinking. "I want to show Hank just how beautiful my gorgeous wife really is." Walking to her dresser, I opened it and took out one of her sexiest negligees. "Here, darling. Put this on for me. I want Hank to see you in them," I said, trembling slightly as I handed them to her. "Oh God!" she giggled. "He can't see me in these," she said, smiling, her eyes dancing with glee. "He could see my tits right through this material. "I know, darling," I said seriously. "I want him to see you." "Jesus, Donny, what's gotten into you?" Allie said, taking the negligee from me. I quickly stripped off her dress, then knelt down in front of her and took off her pantyhose. God how I hate those things. When she was standing in front of me wearing only her panties, I stripped those off her, too, and made her wear the thinner bikini panties that came with the negligee. "Put these on, darling," I said, so excited now I was trembling as I rolled the panties up her thighs and over her cunt and ass. As I dressed her in the sexy, transparent negligee my hands shook and my cock twitched and jerked in my underwear. Actually, it was in Allie's underwear. On a whim I had put on a pair of her panties to wear under my slacks to the party. She had smirked at me when I did it as we were dressing to go to the party, asking me if I was turning into "a queer." I told her I wasn't, saying I just liked the sexy feel of the texture of her nylon panties on my balls and cock, which is true, but as I thought about her remark, I wondered if in truth I really was becoming interested in other men, or rather in their cocks. Now I took off my shirt and slacks and she saw my hard cock making a dark stain in her panties. "Jesus, Donny, you must really be hot. You're staining my panties, you little faggot, you," she giggled. "Want Hank to see you, too, Donny?" she teased. "Think he'd like to see you wearing my panties?" My cock twitched uncontrollably, and Allie laughed at me. "You would, wouldn't you. And you'd probably like to watch him fucking me while you played with yourself, wouldn't you, Donny," she giggled, standing in front of me, weaving back and forth unsteadily. "Let's go see Hank, darling. I can't wait to see the reaction on his face when he sees you in that nighty," I said, taking a robe out of the closet, pulling it on, tying it in front to hide my cock and panties. I led Allie down the hall toward the living room, listening to her giggling as we walked into the room where Hank was standing. He had taken off his jacket, and turned to see us walk into the room when he heard Allie giggle. "So Hank... what do you think? Have I got a beautiful wife or what?" I said, holding Allie's hand high over her head, turning her all the way around for him. In the brighter light of the living room, I could clearly see her tits, and nipples, as well as her light brown pussy hair, and I knew Hank could see all those things, too. "Jesus Christ!" he gasped, and I was pleased to note that his cock seemed to suddenly grow and twitch in his pants as he looked at my sexy wife. "Hi Hank baby," Allie giggled. I led her over to Hank, and when the three of us were standing next to each other, I said, "I want to try a little experiment, darling. I want you to see if you can tell which of us is doing something to you. So I have to blindfold you now, darling, okay?" "Okay... I guess," Allie giggled again. I reached into the pocket of the robe and took out a black sleep mask I'd brought with me from the bedroom, placing it over Allie's head, over her eyes. "No peeking, darling," I said, making sure the mask was in place. "Okay," she giggled. "Here... let me lead you over to the sofa," I said, helping her sit between us. "Now... one of us is going to kiss you, and I want you to see if you can tell who it is, okay?" I said, motioning for Hank to kiss her. He leaned over and took my wife's head in his hands, then leaned closer and began kissing her. I watched as my wife opened her mouth and swallowed his tongue, and suddenly I just had to touch my cock. I opened my robe and began playing with myself as Hank moved away from Allie's face. He looked down at me, and with my cheeks burning with shame and excitement, he smirked at my panties. "Nice underwear, Don," he said. I blushed and felt my cheeks reddening, then turned to Allie and said, "Could you tell who that kiss was from, darling?" "Sure," she giggled. "It was Hank. I could tell because his tongue feels bigger than yours. Wonder what else he has that's bigger than yours," she said, laughing again. She was enjoying this as much as I, and it motivated me to go further with the game. "Now we're going to touch you, Allie. One of us is going to touch your breasts. See if you can tell which one," I said, again signaling for Hank to go first, giving him permission to fondle my wife. Hank smirked knowingly at me again as he leaned over and began caressing Allie's breasts. As he fondled her he looked at me playing with my cock. He kissed Allie again, and began to tug on the sleeves of her negligee, drawing it down over her shoulders, practically challenging me to try to stop him. Naturally, I didn't. Instead I took my cock out from my panties and let Hank see it, let him see how hard it was, although I knew it was probably much smaller than his. "Ohhh," Allie moaned as she felt cool air on her naked breasts. "Oh God, Donny. My... my tits are exposed, aren't they. Hank can see them, can't he." "Yeah. I can," he whispered in Allie's ear, kissing and caressing her, making sure she knew it was him. "Hank? Is that you?" Allie smiled. "Sure is, darling," he said proudly. "Oh God, this is so exciting," Allie gasped, instinctively spreading her legs. "Should I touch her here, too, Don?" he said, reaching down to cup Allie's cunt in his hand. I watched as he rubbed the wetness from her cunt over her swollen clit, and it was all I could do to keep from coming as I watched Hank slide the thin material of Allie's panties aside, exposing her wet cunt to me as he slid his fingers inside my wife's pussy. "OHHHHHH Godddddddd!" Allie moaned, her head flopped back on the sofa, jerking and twitching occasionally as Hank finger-fucked her. "So nasty... so... so FUCKING naughty!" she gasped. Allie rarely swears, and to hear her using the word fuck like that was incredibly exciting for me, and, I knew, for her as well. "Don, help me out here. Come over and unbuckle my belt. Then take my pants off for me. You know you want me to fuck your wife for you, so get me ready for her," Hank said. He didn't ask if I would. He just simply told me to do it, knowing I would. And I did, my cock sticking out above the edge of Allie's sexy yellow nylon and lace panties that were cupping my balls. Hank grinned at me as I knelt in front of him and unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his trousers, then unzipped them and pulled them down to his ankles. Hank was wearing a pair of normal white cotton briefs, and when I'd taken his pants off, watching as he continued to kiss and finger-fuck Allie, he turned to me again and said, "Now take my underwear off, too. Let's show this hot slut wife of yours what a real cock feels like in her pussy." "Oh God, Donny. Are you going to do that, darling? Are you going to get him ready for me, Donny? Are you going to... to suck his cock to get it hard for me?" Allie asked. "Would you like him to?" Hank asked, grinning at me. "Yeah!" Allie said, a dirty laugh gurgling from her throat as she reached up and pulled the sleep mask off. She looked at me kneeling there on the floor in front of Hank, her panties holding my balls in place while my rather smallish but rock hard cock stood straight out in front of me. "Do it, slick," Hank snapped. "Put my cock in your mouth for a minute. Get it hard enough to fuck your wife with," he continued. I knew this was a turning point in our lives, a point of no return for us if I did it. I also knew I had no choice. Repugnant as it seemed to me to be at the moment, I knew I had to watch this man sliding his cock into my beautiful wife's cunt or I would die. My mind already made up, I turned to Hank and without thinking about it any further, moved my head closer to him, opened my mouth, and took his thick, immense cock inside my mouth, licking and sucking on the very first cock I'd ever had in my mouth, for the very first time. "Jesus you're a fag, Donny," Allie chided. "You're a fucking queer. Aren't you!" she snarled. "Answer the lady," Hank said. "Admit it. You like going down on a real cock, don't you, bud. Doing a fucking good job at it, too. You suck cock a lot there Donny boy?" "No," I hummed so excited I didn't want to even take this huge cock out of my mouth for even a second. "Fucking wimp cocksucker," Allie snarled, humiliating me, yet exciting me beyond belief. Never had I been so excited. "Okay sport. That's good enough. I think I can fuck your wife with this now, don't you?" Hank laughed, removing his cock from my mouth. "Jesus, Donald," Allie said, staring at Hank's dick. "Now THAT is what I call a real cock. "Wait 'til you feel it inside your cunt, darlin," Hank said, pushing Allie back down onto the sofa, taking the ankle of one leg and pulling it high up onto the top of the sofa, spreading her open like a wishbone on a chicken. "Oh God, Donald. I'm... I'm so EXPOSED this way, aren't I. He can see everything, can't you, Hank. You can see all of me, can't you," Allie moaned, playing with herself as we watched, her desire to feel Hank's cock inside her so overwhelming she couldn't stop herself from masturbating. "I think you've got a real little nympho here, Donny boy. Look how wet she is," Hank said, spreading Allie's cunt lips apart with two fingers, opening her for me to see as she continued to rub her clit. "OH DARLING! THIS IS SO NASTY... SO FUCKING NAUGHTYYYYYY!" Allie shrieked. "I'm COMINGGGGGG!" she screamed, her fingers flying over her swollen clit as Hank and I watched her masturbation orgasm. "Want me to fuck her, Don? Tell me," Hank said, taunting me as he wrapped his cock in his fingers, squeezing it until a droplet of pre-cum lubricant began oozing out the end of it. "Yes. Do it. Fuck her! FUCK MY SLUT WIFE!" I shouted, feeling my cock ready to explode. "One more time first," Hank said sadistically. "Wipe this jism all over the head of my cock with your tongue first. Then I'll fuck her for you and show her what a real cock feels like in that tight little pussy of hers." Trembling, so close to coming I could hardly stand it, I leaned forward and touched the tip of Hank's dripping cock with my tongue, tasting the salty pre-cum lubricant on the head of his dick, distributing it over the entire crown with my tongue, just as he'd requested. "God you're a sick little fucker, aren't you, buddy. Well watch a real man fucking your slut now, Don. Like... THISSSSSS!" Hank bellowed, sliding his cock roughly and deeply inside my wife's waiting cunt. "OHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD!" Allie screamed, immediately wrapping her legs around Hank's waist, drawing him further into her body, her eyes staring at me but not seeing me, unfocused, glazed over with drunken lust as he fucked her, triggering with her a series of powerful, never ending orgasms, one right after the other. Allie was so excited spittle was drooling from her mouth and down over her chin. Suddenly I knew what I wanted to do to her. I moved over next to her face, and with a shriek of perverted lust, unloaded my cum all over her face, spurt after spurt of it, coating her cheeks with cum, then wiping it around her face with my cock as Hank fucked her. It was as though she hardly even noticed what I'd done. She just kept fucking him, and coming, over and over, shouting his name, telling him what a great fuck he was, how much better than I he was at satisfying her. "Oh FUCK," Hank groaned, suddenly lunging forward. I watched as dimples appeared in his naked ass, a series of them, and I realized each time I saw those dimples appearing in his ass he was coming inside my wife, filling her with hot cum, sperm, way up inside her willing pussy, her willing, slutty pussy. After they were finally finished, Hank thanked me and apologized for some of the things he'd said, explaining that he was just trying to go along with my fantasy. I told him not to worry, that I'd loved it, and invited him to visit us and fuck my wife whenever he wanted, even adding that if we played our cards right Allie might even consent to having a few other men visit at the same time. "A gang bang, you mean?" Hank asked. I blushed, and said, yes, that was exactly what I meant, and I did, too. He said he felt that could be arranged, and I'm sure it will, too. I can't wait. After Hank left, I returned to the living room. Allie was snoring softly, lying there on the sofa with her legs spread. Her face was still coated with my cum, and some of her shoulder length strawberry blond hair was caked and matted against her cheeks. One of her feet was on top of the back of the sofa again, while the other was draped over onto the floor. As I knelt before her, staring at her wet, cum-matted cunt, what I saw there suddenly filled me with such an intense desire to taste her I had to do it. Crawling further up between her outstretched thighs, I looked more closely at her freshly fucked pussy, staring at the river of nasty looking hot white cum as it began to slolwy ooze out of her cunt and down into the crack of her ass. "God!" I sighed, as I felt my cock growing hard again. "Hmmm. What darling?" she said, opening her eyes slowly. "You look like such a hot slut, Allie," I said, taking my cock in my hand again, playing with it as the excitement over what I was going to do began to mount in me. Allie grinned at me, her eyes coquettish, sensual, and she stretched her arms above her head, then smiled at me again. "Darling, I AM a slut," she purred. "And you made me into one, so don't complain." "Who's complaining," I said, grinning at her, moving my face closer to the mushy cream filled cunt in front of me. "Darling, eat me. You know you want to," Allie smirked. "You really are a little faggot, aren't you, Donald. Sucking Hank's cock like that. Shame on you, Donald. What a baddddd boy. Now EAT HIS CUM OUT OF YOUR SLUTTY FUCKING WIFE'S PUSSY, YOU LITTLE COCKSUCKER! DO IT! EAT MEEEEE!" Allie screamed as my mouth suddenly darted forward and buried itself in her drooling, slippery cum-leaking cunt. "Oh my GODDDDDD!" she screamed, wrapping her legs around my head just as she had around Hank's waist when he fucked her. I could taste his cum, taste the salty texture of it, mingled with the anchovie-like flavor of Allie's cunt. The creamy cum blended with her juices to create a kind of sexual paste, and I found myself sucking as hard as I could, eager to get every last drop of his cum and her cunt juices into my mouth and down my throat. It was delicious, and not just because of the way it tasted. It was the thought of what I was doing that was so exciting, and I wondered what my darling wife's pussy would taste like if in fact we ever did arrange to have her gang-banged. My cock suddenly exploded cum all over my hand as I jerked on it while slurping and sucking on my slut wife's pussy. I tried to imagine how she would taste with the cum of several men dripping out of her and into my mouth, and as she came again, I knew, I just knew, she would do it. I had created a mons opened a sexual Pandora's box, and there was no turning back now.... 6061 1.37/512345

Something So Nasty And Hot

SOMETHING SO NASTY AND HOT By Arieboy After Dee and I got divorced I was hooked, hopelessly addicted to creampies, watching her fuck and waiting for her to cum home with interesting hot stories about her evenings out with other men. Naturally, being an addict means just that, I was addicted and had to find another woman to fulfill my needs and fantasies, and perhaps the only way I could really get off now. I went through a few girlfriends but they were hopeless, some would be reviled at my suggestions that they get some strange cock, and especially black cock that it caused immediate break-ups. Others would talk about it while having sex, but would never do it once the heat was gone and they had gotten their so nice for strange cock pussies off. Then I met Lil, she was 33 years old 5' 8? 123 and had nice round tits whose nipples stood out like tiny cocks, She was blond, truly blond above and below. When we fucked her cunt lubricated like a running sieve. Christ her turn on?s were a bed flooding experience. I knew after about two weeks with Lil that she was a prime candidate for fucking other men, but was not sure if she would be into black or brown cocks. Lil was the kind of woman you just wanted to get so fucking nasty with that it was boundless for the mind to really get a grip upon. And I am very nasty and was soon to find out that Lil was no piker when it came to being nasty as well. One evening Lil and I went to an adult bookstore where for $10.00 you could go into an area where all the movies were shown in small rooms with a makeshift cot on the wall which was padded and big enough to lay on comfortably and fuck or view movies. The thing in this bookstore was that if you wanted company you would leave the door open and go to the toilet and leave your woman in there for a few minutes. If when you came back (And sometimes you'd have to do this a few times to catch a stranger or two) then when you returned, lock the door and go at it with whomever had entered the room. I went to the toilet a few times and on the third trip Lil had caught a fat mangy looking Mexican fellow and a somewhat tubby black man. Neither were Adonis for sure, but they both had fairly good sized 7-8 inch cocks and were very nasty men. When I entered the room I locked the door and one of the men began sniffing ?Rush? with one hand and playing with Lil's erect nipples with the other. At the same time the black man was reaching beneath Lil's loosely fitting dress which had no undergarments beneath it. The first man, the Mexican began sucking Lil's titty nipples like the little cocks they were as the black man was rubbing his full hand over Lil's whole crack, ass and soaking cunt both. Fuck my cock was so hard it hurt as I watched this and wondered how nasty these two guys would get with her. I let the show go on for quite a while, as the black man dropped to his knees and began sucking Lil's juices which were now flowing from her pussy down her legs. The Mexican had her dress hiked up and was rubbing his cock on her stomach as Lil was giving him a little help stroking the top of it as he rubbed it in her cunt hair and up to her bellybutton. Finally the Mexican guy moved Lil to the padded porn bed and forced her down on her ass upon it, whereupon he grabbed the back of her head and literally forced her mouth on his cock. The black man behind her was reaching around and massaging her tits as she sucked the other guy all the way down her throat. I all of a sudden had a great idea, which was, both of the men in her pussy at the same time. I told the guys what I wanted and explained that Lil would have to lay on her back on top of one of them as the other mounted from the front and both worked their cocks into her pussy. The men were more than happy to cooperate with this hot scenario and soon Lil had both of the cocks into her sloppy wet and mushy noisy pussy, she took both cocks so easily. As the men fucked her simultaneously I maneuvered around and managed to get my cock into Lil's mouth using an odd and uncomfortable position but who cared? I told the men to hold their cum as long as possible as I wanted them to cum at the same time, both shooting their loads into Lil's pussy at the same time. The men acknowledged my request and just kept fucking her as they struggled to grope her tits as they did. What the hell, I thought why not share this beautiful sight with any other men in the porn store theater, so I unlocked the door and left it ajar as the action continued. It wasn't a minute and I had three other men in the room, all of them very unsavory looking, overweight and with cocks out stroking them. Lil was paying no attention to her audience as she was enjoying the double cock fuck she was getting. Knowing I had other men to fuck her one an older black man of about 50 with a 10? cock but a big tummy and two white guys, I decided to orchestrate the two fucking her to cum and hopefully at the same time. As luck would have it, both of the guys did shoot their loads at approximately the same time into Lil's totally saturated cunt. It was so hot, and Lil was in a trance of hot sexual ecstasy, as I said to her, ?Baby, you are getting two different loads at once in that hot wet pussy.? Lil grabbed the man on top her ass and pulled him harder down upon her as he shot his load and she was cumming too; in quarts, I think. When the men stood up and Lil lay on the bed mat, I told her to clean her strange lovers cocks off and they both as in her twat, both stuck their cocks in her mouth as she grabbed the shafts and balls and cleaned the cocks off as I fingered her nasty, filled with sperm pussy, it was so wet it is hard to explain, her ass crack was totally saturated as it was leaking onto the mat. The two freshly fucked men backed off and Lil spotted the others standing there stroking their cocks, and said, ?Ohhh, I want that black one in my mouth right now, come here daddy.? The older well hung black man approached and Lil reached out sitting up and grabbed his ass and pulled the big black dick into her mouth and began sucking wildly. The other two new strangers, both came over and began groping her and one got on each erect nipple as they each had a firm tit in their hands. Now the room had all of us again locked in, me, Lil, and five strange men. One of the men sucking her tit asked if she did golden showers and asked her to piss in his mouth. At first Lil was a little reluctant but soon the man lay on the floor as we all watched. She squatted down and he lapped up all the juice from her cunt, as Lil tried to piss into his awaiting mouth and on his face. It took her a while but eventually as we all watched Lil let loose with a stream of piss into the man's mouth, and he was swallowing it as fast as it streamed into his mouth, at the same time he was jacking off. When Lil had completed pissing, he got up, thanked us, and left. I locked the door after him, but not before another black guy came into the room. This guy was young and studly with quite the large fat cock, again the room still had five strangers, two of which had already fucked Lil's pussy. The black guy Lil was sucking when the guy wanted the golden shower refreshment, again stuck his cock back into her mouth and the one of the other men was jockeying to get a mouth full of Lil's wet dripping cunt. The guy being sucked declared that he was going to cum, Lil removed his cock from her mouth and grabbed it and jacked his load off on her face and into her mouth, swallowing his load, which was very large as it dripped down her chin unto her tits. Then Lil saw the young black stud and said, again, ?Ohhh wee, I want that big black cock in my cunt right now, get over here and fuck me stud man!? The two previously fucked men seemed to watch in awe as the one unfucked guy wanted to jack off on Lil's face. I guess he was just too hot to hold his load. As the big young stud had Lil's legs back over her shoulders, the 'yet to cum' man got on his knees and stuck his cock into Lil's mouth and soon retracted it and jacked off a big creamy load all over her face. The black stud was pumping her pussy like a machine as she screamed wildly and kept trying to raise her ass to meet his thrusts. Soon, he got all tightened up and I could see that he was ejaculating his load into Lil's cunt. Holy shit, it seemed as though he came for 40 seconds and then took out his cock and moved over Lil and milked the remainder of his cum into her waiting mouth. Everybody had gotten a nut except me, and I asked all the guys to leave as it was finally my turn. I had Lil stand before me and told her to spread her legs wide and see if any of the sperm would just drip from her cunt, it did, small drops were hitting the floor as the rest was running down her legs. I placed my hand over her hole and just felt the wet warmth of the cum dripping from her cunt. Then I laid her on the matted bed and plunged my cock into her very open wide pussy where no friction existed but it felt so good, so hot, warm wet pink velvet pussy, freshly fucked with lots of strange semen inside. I fucked Lil four times and each time got off a great nut and many good loads. I ask Lil if she had enjoyed it and if she had came a lot. She told me she had never had so many orgasms in one night in her life. Yes, Lil was nasty and hot just my kind of girl. 16626 1.85/512345

The Year 3000

It's the year 3000 and slavery has come full circle. All white women are the playtoys of Black Men, while White Men do all the housework and menial labor. Sex is forbidden between white men and women. White women spend each and every day exercising and beautifying themselves for their black masters. Black women spend their days abusing the white women they own, and also raising their valuable black babies. Black boys as young as 14 are seen walking around with white women or white girls on a leash. Since blacks had no work to do most black boys spend their days raping and gangbanging the white women and girls they own. White people have no rights. They are at the mercy of their black masters. Even breeding is controlled by the black masters. From the ages of 16 to 44 white women serve as fucktoys for blacks and have their tubes tied so they can't waste time being pregnant. After the age of 44 their tubes are reopened for the white women selected for breeding the next generation of white slaves. They are inseminated with sperm from carefully selected white men. The sperm is collected by black veternarians as whites are not entitled to doctors or health care. When whites are too old to be useful to their black masters they are shipped off to Africa where the natives deal with them and use them up. Whites are forbidden to attend any kind of school except for indoctrinatation of the young whites about the superiority of their black masters. Every year whites are required to go to refresher training on rules and regs and their duties to the superior black race. A typical black household in the Year 3000 is the Rashad family. Their white slave girls are 18 year old Alexis, a beautiful tall blonde, 18 year old Elaine, a nice petite blonde, and Linda a 19 year old perfect brunette specimen. Darnell and Shawonda Rashad were the two obese black masters of these white slave girls. Their hobbies were eating lots of food and sexually abusing their white slave girls. Every morning when the very lazy Rashads woke up they rang a little bell and the three white slave girls had to suck big black cock and eat black pussy. Rashad loved waking up to a blow job. He loved ramming his cock in Elaine's tiny white mouth. He swore to Shawonda that he could choke her with it but so far she survived even though she passed out a few times. Shawonda loved getting her pussy eaten by white slave girls. She also loved watching her obese black husband fucking these tiny white fucktoys. She loved spanking them with paddles and leather belts until they cried and then she'd ram their tight asses with an oversized dildo. The white slave girls were also required to service the Rashad's three sons. All three boys were lazy and obese too from never working. The boys were 17 year old Dexter, 16 year old Clyde, and 15 year old Pervis. They always seemed to have hard cocks and they loved fucking white slave girls. Sometimes they got one girl each but mostly they'd just gang up on one white slave girl. Dexter was turning 18 in a week and he told his obese parents he wanted his very own white slave girl. So Darnell Rashad bought his son a real hot little white girl named Sue. She was only 17 and was nice and petite. She was blonde with blue eyes. Dexter handcuffed her to his bed and spent all day fucking her very tight white holes. She was in agony but couldn't move due to the cuffs. He even let his brothers sample her holes. She got almost no sleep for her first few days. She was only uncuffed to use the bathroom and shower. Dexter put a collar and leash on Sue and walked her around the house like a dog on her hands and knees. He even let his big pet Doberman fuck her in the ass. He walked her into his mom and dad's bedroom and commanded her to lick his mom and dad's nasty buttholes. He then made her lick his asshole and then his brother's assholes. He made her take a bath with him and kept dunking her head under the water. When they were both dry he cuffed her to his bed again and ravaged her for the rest of the night. The white men that did menial work were forced to wear womens clothing. They were forced to sleep in large warehouses and homosexuality was rampant among them since they weren't allowed to have sex with women. The Year 3000 is an era of prosperity for the black man. This era continued for another thousand years. 23114 1.91/512345

The Rebirth of a Slut

"The Rebirth of a Slut" by Craver Chapter 1. "Darling I still don't understand why you want me to have sex with other men. Don't you love me anymore?" Carla Polito asked timidly. God she was gorgeous, her husband Tony thought as he observed his beautiful young wife. Her spectacularly voluptuous body was coupled with the exquisite beauty of her deep blue eyes, high cheek bones, ivory white skin, and long blond hair. At 27 years old, half Tony's age, Carla was in her prime. Everywhere they went Carla attracted the attention of other men, yet she seemed to hardly notice. When Tony first met her, she was working as a waitress in a diner where he used to stop for breakfast. He dazzled the young girl with his handsome, Italian charm, and over the period of a few months discovered she had no family and practically no friends. An only child, Carla's parents had been killed in a tragic plane crash when she was in her early teens, and life had been a struggle for her ever since. Placed in a foster home, Tony gradually learned it was there where Carla had been abused by the family responsible for looking after her. She was hesitant to talk about it, but Tony's patient, caring attitude of sincere concern encouraged Carla to reveal more and more about her past. She and Tony began to date, and within a few weeks, in spite of their vast age difference, Carla fell in love with him, and they were mar Initially the marriage was everything Carla always wanted. Tony's construction business brought in a very high six figure income, and they lived well. Their home in Alpine, New Jersey was a palatial mansion. Tony was a caring, sensitive, yet passionate lover, and as he soon found out, Carla, once aroused, was like a wild animal. She loved sex, and eventually revealed to Tony that she had grown to love the things her foster family had forced her to do. "At first I hated it," she admitted. "But then, gradually, I began to enjoy it. I mean, it did feel good . . . you know . . . to get my pussy sucked until I came, and when Mr. Breck fucked me while his wife sucked my titties and kissed me, well . . . I started wanting it as much as they did. I was only 13 the first time Mr. Breck fucked me, and when he started bringing Mrs. Breck into the bedroom with us, well . . . I have to admit, as much as I hated it at first, Mrs. Breck sure could suck pussy. I . . . I guess I knew I had no choice, so I began to just let myself enjoy what they did to me, and once I made up my mind to do that, I started really loving the stuff we did together. Please don't hate me for it, Tony. I was a young girl, and I didn't know how to stop it." "Baby, don't worry about it," Tony had told her. "Maybe what they did to you is why you're such a hot fuck for me now," he grinned. Gradually Tony drew more and more of the details out of Carla about what she and her foster family had done together. Tony found out Carla had performed oral sex on both Mr. and Mrs. Breck, and got Carla to admit that on more than one occasion, the Breck's had allowed other men friends of theirs to have sex with Carla. It was shortly after that when Carla, 18 by then, moved out on her own. With only a high school education she had to settle for a job as a waitress in the diner where she was working when Tony met her. It paid enough to cover the expenses on her studio apartment in Hackensack, which was close enough to the diner to allow her to walk to and from work. The hours were long, but her regular customers tipped generously, and the owner of the diner was nice to Carla, so she rather enjoyed the work. Then she'd met Tony, and the rest was history. He was her Prince Charming, her knight in shining armor, and he whisked her away to his castle high on the cliffs overlooking the Hudson River where she knew she would live happily ever after. But now Tony was after her to do some of the same things with other men the Breck's had made her do, and Carla was afraid . . . afraid old feelings suppressed for all these many years would resurface again, turning her into the slut she had become while living with the Breck's. What would Tony think of her if he ever saw the kind of woman she had once been? As happy as he was of her until then, would he still be able to love the kind of woman she knew she would become once he subjected her to sex with others? She wasn't sure. Which was why she was so hesitant when Tony first began talking about watching her fucking other men. Yet deep inside, once the idea had been raised, she began to feel once again a hunger so intense it couldn't be d A hunger for some of the old perversions she'd enjoyed with the Breck's. She yearned for the kind of unbridled, pure, raw sex she'd participated in with them, and she knew she would once again become a total slut if Tony persisted in his requests to include other men in their sexual activities. "Tony!" "Oh . . . sorry darling. What did you say, " Tony said, looking up from the sports section of USA TODAY. "Last night when we were making love you said something again about having other men fuck me, remember? "Hell yes I remember. Why? Would you ever consider it, baby?" Tony asked, totally interested in their conversation now. Carla felt her pussy flooding with excited cunt juice as she answered carefully. Although Tony was the least jealous Italian man she'd ever known, still, she didn't want to do anything to disrupt the happy marriage the two of them had. "I . . . I guess I could do it if it really meant a lot to you. But God, Tony, you have no idea how slutty I'd become. When I did those things with the Breck's . . . well . . . I'm not very proud of how I acted in those days. Of course I was younger, but I was a total hellion, Tony. I . . . I was pretty much a total slut. They encouraged it, of course, but still . . . I . . . I'm not sure I could stop myself from acting like that again if we started bringing strange cocks home for me to fuck . . . and probably suck," Carla breathed. Her face was flushed, and it was all she could do to keep her fingers from wandering down between her thighs. She'd masturbated several times while fantasizing about it after Tony first mentioned the possibility of their perhaps having group sex. And now, in the clear light of day, Tony still seemed interested in their doing it. "Baby, I'd love that. Don't you realize how much I love you? How much we love each other? Nothing you could ever do with other men would stop us from loving each other. Hell, Carla, it would only make me love you even more than I already do now. Oh God, baby, will you do it? For me? Please?" Tony begged. "Well . . . if it means so much to you I guess I could. But who would we do it with?" Carla asked, the nipples on her 38D breasts so erect now they were clearly visible beneath the thin nighty she was wearing. "Let me take care of that, baby. I have to go to the office for a few hours this morning, but I'll be back early, around 3:00 this afternoon. Then I want to take you somewhere. Somewhere special, where I've been going for years. It's a porno theater where anything goes inside. Guys jerk off all the time there, and sometimes women come in. When they do, it gets pretty wild. Think you could handle something like that?" Tony asked. Carla's pussy was on fire. Just the thought of going to an adult theater and having men pawing her, or perhaps even more, made knees so wobbly she almost lost her balance. "What would they do to me?" she asked timidly. "Well I guess that would depend on you, babe," Tony smiled, sensing how much the idea was exciting his young wife. "Would . . . would I have to take my clothes off there . . . and . . . and suck somebody . . . or maybe let them fuck me?" Carla asked, her cheeks crimson. Sweat was trickling down from her armpits, running down over her ribcage, and her pussy was so wet now she could begin to detect a trace of a delicate but definitely fishy scent waifing over her. "Would you do that, baby? For me? Would you strip naked and let men take turns with you?" Tony gasped, his cock so hard it was making a tent in his trousers now. Noticing it, Carla replied, "I would if you wanted me to, Tony. But baby, if I start something like that I won't want to stop. Oh God, Tony, I'd . . . I'd want to let them do anything they wanted with me. You know how I get, baby. Look, Tony. Look how wet I am already, just from talking about it," Carla said, pulling her negligee aside, letting Tony see the wetness that was drooling from her cunt all over her thighs. In the slippery secretions her flesh glistened, and as Tony watched, Carla rubbed two fingers over, and then into her pussy, then removed them and slowly brought them to her nose, sniffing them before inserting them in her mouth, sucking them loudly, her eyes glazed with lust. "Oh God, Carla, baby," Tony said, unzipping his fly. "If you want to suck something, suck this," he continued, taking out his enormous, thick cock. It was dripping pre-cum lube from the end as Carla walked over to her husband, dropping to her knees before him. She took his thick cock in her hands and squeezed gently, milking a copious droplet of pre-cum from the end, holding her open mouth under it to let Tony watch as the long silver strand of juice fell slowly onto her tongue. Smiling then, she leaned closer and took her husband's dick inside her mouth, sliding her lips slowly over it, squeezing his balls with one hand while jerking him off with the other. "Oh God, Carla, yes, suck me. Suck me like you're going to suck other men this afternoon, baby. You'll like that, won't you? You'll like having a train pulled on you this afternoon, won't you, baby," Tony gurgled. "Hmmm," Carla nodded, reaching into the opening of Tony's trousers, behind his balls, rubbing his anus at first, then pushing slowly, inserting her middle finger up inside his ass as she sucked the massive cock to rock-hardness. As soon as Carla began sliding her finger in and out of his asshole, Tony bellowed he was coming. Quickly removing her mouth from his spewing cock, Carla held the head of Tony's dick on her cheek, letting the hot cum splatter all over her face just the way Tony loved her to do it. "Look, baby . . . this is what your slutty wife is going to look like today when other men do this to her. Will you like it, Tony? Will you like it when I take my clothes off like this," Carla continued, quickly pulling the negligee down off her shoulders, then off her waist, all the way to her knees, revealing her perfect naked body, her nipples still erect and hard as Tony continued coming on her face. "They'll see me like this, baby. And maybe while you're watching me one of them will suck you, too, darling. Maybe one of those nasty hot old men will fuck you in the ass, baby, like this," she said, fingering his asshole. "And maybe one of them will take your cock in their mouth and suck you like this, Tony," Carla said, taking Tony's cock in her mouth again, sucking it while she continued to finger his asshole. "Oh GOD, baby . . . you're sucking my guts out," Tony moaned, staggering against the wall, "I love it . . . I can't wait, Carla . . . I can't wait for this afternoon. Fuck the office. I'll call in and have Mike handle it. I want to take you to the theater right now. Okay, baby? Go with me? Now?" Tony pleaded. "Okay," Carla grinned, licking her lips, wiping some of Tony's cum into her mouth, the thoughts of becoming a total slut again filling her with incredible excitement. "Come with me," Tony said, holding Carla's hand, pulling her toward the bedroom with him. "I want to dress you myself for this." In their bedroom Tony walked over to Carla's lingerie chest, rummaged through the top drawer for a moment, then pulled out a short black lace slip with thin spaghetti straps. In the second drawer he selected a pair of hot red satin panties trimmed with black ribbon, then handed the garments to Carla. "Wear these, Carla. With some of those black stockings with the lacy elastic around the thighs, and black high heeled shoes. That's all. Nothing else, baby. I want to walk you through the parking lot and into the theater half-naked." "Oh Tony, baby. You're making my pussy so hot it reeks. Maybe I better shower first. We were so tired I didn't shower before we fell asleep last night, and I'm pretty rank smelling. I'll just take a quick shower before we go, okay?" "NO!" Tony practically shouted. "Don't you DARE! Don't you know how much a smelly pussy turns on men in a place like that, Carla? Besides, you'll sure as shit have to shower after you come home anyway, so why waste the water," Tony laughed. "Okay, baby. If you say so. But I doubt anyone will want to eat me the way I smell today," Carla said, embarrassed by her essence. "And I guarantee you they will, babe. Now put those on and let's go." Tony parked the car in the lot outside the theater, which was located in the center of a small strip mall containing a drug store, a cleaners, and a few other shops. Carla took a deep breath, turned to Tony and said, "Are you sure about this, darling? There's no turning back once we go in there." "I know, baby. And it's something I've wanted to see for a long time . . . my wife acting like a beautiful slut with a group of strange men. I WANT this, Carla, okay? Don't chicken out now. Do it for me, baby. Do it for both of us." "Okay, Tony," Carla sighed. "Just don't say I didn't warn you when I really let go in there." "It's what I want, baby. So do it. Let yourself go . . . all the way. I want you to do the nastiest, most outrageous things a woman has ever done sexually. I WANT it, baby, so go for it." Carla opened her car door and stepped out into the bright sunlight. It was now around 11:00, and perhaps eight or ten cars were parked outside the theater. "I wonder what type of men come here this early in the morning," she mused to herself as they walked across the narrow roadway to the entrance to the theater. A man came out of the drugstore next door, heading toward his car, when he saw Carla and stopped. When Carla and Tony went into the theater, the man followed, standing next to Carla while Tony bought the tickets. Carla smiled at the man, and he stared openly at her full breasts, clearly evident beneath the slip she was wearing. Carla felt her nipples harden, and the man licked his lips nervously, smiling back at her as she turned to follow Tony into the auditorium of the theater. Carla noticed the man buying a ticket behind them, and she grinned to herself, wondering if he would be one of the men who would fuck her that morning. Inside the theater Carla and Tony stood for a moment at the top of the aisle, waiting for their eyes to become accustomed to the dim light. On the screen a sexy, actually rather whorey looking blonde was blowing a black man while another black man was fucking her in the ass from behind. Carla felt her cunt instantly growing wet, and as they stood there watching, she heard the telltale squishing sounds of men masturbating. Her knees wobbled, and she had to hang onto Tony to keep from falling as they slowly made their way down the aisle to a row of seats near the center of the theater. Carla noticed the row of seats in front of them had been removed, which meant there way no protective barrier between where they had sat down and the light coming from the screen. Carla and Tony were clearly visible to anyone who wished to see them, and somehow that made Carla nervous. "Tony, let's sit in another row. This row doesn't have any privacy." "I know, baby. Why do you think I selected it?" Tony asked, leaning over to Carla, kissing her neck while his hands fondled her breasts, tweaking her erect nipples. "Oh God, Tony. You're bad, darling. You want men to see your slut wife, don't you." "Fucking right I do," Tony said, gently tugging on the straps to Carla's slip, pulling them down until her tits were totally exposed. Then Tony sat back and waited, unsnapping and unzipping his own jeans, then tugging them down around his knees as Carla looked on in amazement. Tony was naked now from his waist to his knees, and his cock was already hard as a rock. "God, Tony, you're hard already," Carla gasped, reaching over to squeeze her husband's cock. "No shit, Dick Tracy. What gave you your first clue?" Tony laughed, stroking himself, reaching down to fondle Carla's thighs. Carla heard a noise behind her and turned to see a man leaning forward in his seat, looking at Tony and her. "We have an audience, darling," she whispered to Tony. Tony turned and smiled at the man. "Why don't you come up here and join us," he said. Immediately the man got up from his seat and walked into the aisle, then into their row, sitting down next to Tony. Carla noticed that the man had his cock out and was masturbating. "No man. Sit by her. She needs company," Tony encouraged. "Really?" the man asked. "Yeah. It's her first time here. Make her feel at home," Tony said. "Fuckin' A," the man said, moving into the seat next to Carla. When he walked in front of Carla, he turned so she could see his hard cock sticking out of his pants. The sight made her pussy flood, and as soon as the man sat down Carla reached over and touched his cock. "Oh baby, yeah, touch me," he groaned loudly. Other men were moving into the aisle behind them now, and Carla could hear them murmuring to each other, watching them. Someone reached over her shoulder and began fondling her naked breasts. Carla jumped, turned to see who was there, and then turned back to the man with the naked cock again, letting the man, or men, behind her continue to play with her tits. "Suck him, baby," Tony urged. Carla looked at the cock for another moment. In the dim light she could see it was quite thick, although no where near as large as Tony's. Still, it was a cock, and with a growl she leaned over and took it in her mouth. "Holy shit she's blowing him," a man behind them said. "Come up here and she'll blow you guys, too," Tony said. "Or if you want you can fuck her." Immediately three men appeared in front of Carla, their cocks out, hard, nasty looking as they jerked on them. One of the men moved closer, giggling insanely. "I'm . . . I'm fucking gonna cum all over this bitch," he groaned, leaning closer to Carla, his cock suddenly exploding, spewing cum all over the gorgeous blonde. "Oh God!" Carla moaned as the first gobs of hot, sticky cum landed on her face and in her hair. "Oh Tony, he's coming on me!" she moaned, masturbating now. "Move your fingers, baby and I'll give you something a whole lot better than those to excite that sweet pussy of yours," a man said. Carla looked at him with glazed eyes, then leaned back in her seat with her legs spread, her pussy inches from the hard, naked cock the man was holding. "Here it comes, baby," the man said, leaning into Carla's pussy, his cock touching her clit now, making her squeal loudly. And then he was entering her, fucking her, his dick filling her with its massive thickness. "Oh yeahhhhh!" she moaned, turning her head sideways to suck the man she had been blowing. He was standing next to her now, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth as the other man fucked her. Behind her someone else was jerking off on her again now, and she could feel his cum as it landed on her bare shoulders and tits. God this was hot . . . so fucking hot . . . so nasty. She loved being a slut for Tony, and she knew from the way he was groaning that he was loving it, too. Turning her head toward him, her eyes still filled with a crazed look, Carla felt her pussy tingle as she saw that Tony, too, was getting sucked. By another man! Suddenly, without warning, Carla started to come. Her entire body felt like it was on fire now. Millions of little pin-pricks were stinging her, as though an army of fire ants were feasting on her, yet the stings were pleasurable, not painful. She screamed, her screams muffled by another cock in her mouth from someone behind her, as the intensity of her orgasm jolted her. Tony grinned at her, and she winked back, watching as he lifted his ass up off the seat, sliding his cock deeper into the man's mouth as the cock in her mouth exploded, showing Carla with more cum. She lay back passively then, as the man fucking her moved faster. Carla felt herself growing limp, and waves of pleasure washed over her. The man fucking her was coming inside her pussy now, she realized, and yet she was too drained to move. Her excit was constant now . . . everything that was happening to her causing a string of orgasms that just kept coming and coming and coming. She lay with her legs spread as the man who had just fucked her withdrew from her cunt, leaving her open and waiting for the next man. This one was black, his massive cock so thick and heavy it dipped down toward her as he moved between her legs, positioning himself to fuck her. "You like black dick, white bitch?" he growled. "Anything. You can do anything you want to me," Carla gasped, feeling him fondling her breasts roughly. "Get ready to feel a REAL cock, bitch," the man said, moving into her pussy with the crown of his enormous dick. "That's what they all say," Carla grinned at him, challenging him. "Oh yeah! Well feel THIS!" the man grunted, sliding inside Carla's cum-filled pussy. Instantly she came again, as the thick black cock stretched the walls of her cunt, tugging on them as he continued to slide deeper inside her well-lubricated pussy. He was good, an accomplished fucker, but Carla noted with pride that his dick, as large as it was, really didn't feel any bigger, and not quite as thick, as her own Tony's was. Still, it was a very nice cock, and when he started coming in her she felt it swell even larger than any cock she'd ever taken other than Tony's. Her continuous orgasm seemed to reach a new plateau, and from somewhere behind her she felt more cum raining down on her from both sides. Two more men were drenching her with cum, and she could feel their cocks rubbing on her face and neck as they baptized her with their sticky ointment. Tony was coming now, and as Carla watched, Tony fought to keep his eyes open. The man sucking him gagged, and withdrew from Tony's cock, coughing and spitting cum from his mouth. "NO! Don't WASTE it!" Carla cried out, leaning down to the man, kissing him with her open mouth, sucking her husband's cum from his mouth. The astonished man watched as Carla sank to the cum-covered floor next to him, then gasped as she took his naked cock in her mouth, sucking it. Tony was squeezing his cock now, milking the last few waves of excitement from his orgasm as he watched his slut wife sucking the man who had just sucked him. "Oh lady, oh my . . . this . . . this is so newwww for me," the man lisped, torn between wanting his cock sucked and the obvious discomfort of having it sucked by a woman. Finally the sensations Carla was creating in him won out, and he moaned as his orgasm erupted in her mouth. Carla fondled his balls, squeezing them gently, and reached beneath them to slide a finger in his asshole. "Oh yesssssssss!" he whimpered, another huge gob of cum spewing into her mouth as she fucked his asshole with her finger, then quickly withdrew it and offered it to him to suck, which he immediately did, tasting his shitty sweat mingled with some of the cum on Carla's finger. "This is so fucking nasty," Carla thought, her body shivering with lust as she continued to wallow in the filth of what she was doing, loving it. Finally Tony said they probably should leave before someone called the cops. Reluctantly Carla got up from the floor, pulled the straps of her black slip back up over her shoulders, and she and Tony walked up the aisle and out into the lobby of the theater. Her black slip was caked with streaks of white cum, and her face and hair were similarly stained with the evidence of her slutty orgy. "Do you have a towel or something?" she asked the man behind the ticket counter. "Jesus fucking Christ!" he gasped, looking at Carla. "Please?" she cooed, bending forward, letting him see her tits. "Ah . . . yeah, sure, here," the man said, handing Carla a roll of paper towels. She tore off several, then wiped her face and tits, letting the man watch as her gorgeous breasts flopped and jiggled under her slip as she wiped the puddles of cum from them and her neck and face. "Thank you," Carla smiled. "You're sweet. Here's a souvenir for you I think you'll enjoy," she said, removing her cum-filled panties, then handing them to the man. "Holy shit!" he gasped, taking the wet panties, staring at the puddles of cum on and in them. "Go ahead. Sniff them. They're very fragrant. They should help you jack off for a long time, don't you think?" Carla teased as she turned to walk outside with Tony, leaving the man staring at her as he held the panties to his nose, smelling them with deep gasps of breath. Outside Carla noticed how messy her slip was, and when a couple of men walking nearby saw her, she felt her nipples hardening with renewed excitement. The men stopped walking and just stared at her as she passed them on the way to the car. Tony pressed the remote control on the keyless entry device, and Carla opened the door, pausing for a moment to stare at the men watching her, then got in with an exaggerated motion during which she raised her legs high enough for them to see her naked pussy. Inside the car she smiled at them, and on impulse pulled her slip down low enough to show them her naked tits before closing the door. As they drove away, she and Tony laughed at the stunned looks on the men's faces at what they'd just seen, something he and Carla knew they'd probably be talking about for years. 4971 1.37/512345


HARRY'S By Dom I checked the answering machine as soon as I walked in the door and the first message told me I had fucked up big time. I was supposed to have met my wife up at Harry's Pub two hours ago! The message was short and not so sweet -- get my own damn supper and pick her up at Harry's at 9 sharp! She and Maggie were going to catch an early movie then dinner and a few drinks while I found my way out of the house. Shit! Yes, I had screwed up, but the idea that she and that bimbo friend of hers were going to be dissecting me over dinner and margaritas was really pissing me off! Well, I had talked my way out of deeper shit before and my wheels were turning now. I would get to Harry's first and be waiting with roses and a great story -- it works every time. I was a little surprised when I got to the parking lot. There were only about five or six cars and Maggie's Jeep was already there. So much for beating them to Harry's. I guessed the movie must have sucked and they were already inside. I hoped I got to them before Hillary had hit the sauce too hard -- she really wasn't too logical after a drink or two and that would be BAD for me. As usual, Harry barely had enough light in the place to walk around and my eyes hadn't adjusted yet. He was behind the bar and flagged me down. He slid a cold one down the bar; "first one's on me." "Are Hillary and Maggie already here?" "Oh yeah! They've been here for over an hour. I wouldn't have given you a plugged nickel for your ass if you had come in here awhile ago." I nodded my head as I knocked back the brew, "how's the weather now?" "I think I covered you pretty good -- I brought them a round of drinks with a note from you." "From me?" "Yeah, I had one of your cards and I wrote on the back like I've seen you do. Your note said you got a call and had to leave. You also told them to have dinner and drinks on you and you would be here after 9." "That was brilliant Harry! Did they buy it?" "Not until Mable dropped off the single rose 'you' had left for Hillary." I grinned and slipped him a couple of 20s and left another for Mable. He handed me another drink, "well, you're not suppose to be here for a little bit, why not slip back into my private room and enjoy a steak and another drink. The game's on and that will give them a little more cooling off time." By the time I settled into one of his big chairs, my eyes had finally adjusted to his dungeon lighting. Looking through Harry's one-way glass, I finally spotted Hillary and Maggie at a booth by the pool table. They had already eaten and, from what I could see, had been through about four drinks each. Neither of them hold their booze that well and I knew I could sell my story big time now -- especially since Harry had provided my cover. I just kicked back and relaxed. Just then, Maggie picked up her purse, patted my wife on the cheek and waved as she left. Hillary was just sitting in the booth, playing with the rose, and nursing her drink -- without the bitch from Hell, I was home free. A couple of young guys came in and started to shoot a little pool and Hillary turned to watch. The drinks had made my prim little wife a little on the careless side. Her pose wasn't very "lady-like" as her skirt had slipped up a bit and was showing a fair amount of leg. She had also forgotten her rule about keeping her knees together in public. Each time she moved, I could see a little further up her dress. That's when I realized the guy bending over for his shot was actually just staring up my wife's skirt. At first, I started to rush out, then I laughed. My wife has never "flashed" anyone in her entire life and now this young guy was openly watching her and she was too potted to know it. I called Harry over, "you've gotta see this. That guy is staring up my wife's dress hoping to see pussy. All he's gonna see is pantyhose and ironclad white cottons! Hillary is always dressed to the teeth!" Harry reached over and aimed one of his security cameras at my wife, "maybe, maybe not. Take a look at her shopping bag." Tucked neatly at my wife's feet was a Victoria's Secret shopping bag. "They were both carrying those bags when they got here." Just then, the players took a break for another beer and, as one left the room, Hillary accidentally kicked over her bag and out fell a pair of wadded up pantyhose and her "sensible" white cotton panties. The guy walked over and bent down to help my wife. Harry flipped on a speaker so that we could hear them talking. "Here, let me do that." He stuffed the pantyhose back into the bag, but held Hillary's white panties up and looked them over. We could see my wife turning red. "What is a fine woman like you doing with these?" She giggled and grabbed for the panties, "those are my work clothes, give them back now!" He laughed as he handed them over, "Well, since you're not at work, what are you wearing now? It looks like you've been doing some shopping." Harry tapped me on the shoulder; "maybe you ought to get out there. Larry nails every gal he looks at." I looked back at him, "not this time -- Hillary has to be behind closed doors with all the lights off before I get my semi-monthly fuck." "Well, I would put money on him." Grinning, I asked, "How much?" "20 bucks!" I sneered, "make it interesting if you're going to say that!" "OK, $200 says he'll be done and gone before you're supposed to arrive at 9. If I'm putting up that much money, you can't interfere before 9!" I knew that I had screwed Hillary last night and she wouldn't be ready for sex for another two weeks or more, "you're on!" Harry flipped on a VCR as his camera and mike brought our attention back to the poolroom. We hear Hillary stammer her answer, "I'm meeting my husband here at 9 and my friend talked my into going into that shop." "Well, I'm sure that hubby will love whatever you bought." "That's none of your business." To our surprise, the dude backed off, "I'm sorry! I really didn't mean to insult you! But, speaking strictly for myself, I know I would love to see you in anything from Victoria's Secret. I just thought your husband might like it too." He continued, "please let me buy you another drink as an apology. Maybe we can start again. My name's Larry." When Hillary didn't protest fast enough, he waved Mable over and ordered a couple more drinks. Larry slipped into the booth beside my wife and they started talking. As they sat and sipped their drinks, although I noticed that my wife's skirt was still well above her knees, she turned aside his every attempt to talk about anything sexy. My $200 looked pretty safe to me. Just then, the second guy came back into the poolroom. My wife's new "friend" leaned over to her, "That guy's been taking me every game tonight. I've lost a small fortune to him. I sure would like to beat him at least once." Hillary's speech was a little slurred, "aren't you good enough to beat him?" "Not really and he's really rubbing it in. Say, I've got an idea! Maybe you could help me!" "I don't know anything about pool." "Well, that's not what I had in mind. When you knocked over your shopping bag and those panties fell out, I nearly tripped over myself. I have to admit that knocked me out! I couldn't help myself - I watched you like a hawk hoping to see more than a little leg." My wife's eyes narrowed, "So that's what brought you over here. What's that got to do with pool?" "My buddy has a real eye for a woman with great legs and he was already watching you. If he's beating me again, when he gets ready to shoot, could you wiggle around in your seat just a bit and kick that bag over again? If those panties fell out, he'd go nuts and screw up his game." Before Hillary could answer, he continued, "If you help me out, I'll pick up the tab for all the food and drinks you and your husband have tonight." I nearly fell over as my wife looked around the room and saw that no one else was around. "Well, OK. I'll try your silly idea." It was almost halfway through the game before Hillary caught the guy peeking at her as he was trying to shoot. She slowly wiggled around and stretched over the table to get her pocketbook. When she did, the hem of her skirt barely covered her bottom. His shot nearly went into the next room. I could have sworn I heard her giggle when she saw his reaction. As she settled back into the booth, her skirt was still pushed fairly high and she was showing a lot of leg. However, each time either of the two players tried to move to a "better" view up her skirt, my wife closed her legs or pivoted slightly as she toyed with her drink. She was really getting into teasing both of them. The game finally resumed in earnest and Hillary's new friend was about to lose his ass one more time. Just as the critical shot was about to be made, she "accidentally" tipped over the Victoria's Secret bag and let her panties and pantyhose spill out one more time. Naturally, the guy blew the shot and Larry had one more chance to win. Unfortunately, he was also trying to get a good look and missed his shot too. Before he came back for a second chance at the winning shot, the second guy wanted to get another beer. He knew he was on a roll and wanted to rub it in. My wife's friend came over to her, "I've got over $1000 riding on his next shot, you've got to do something else to help me." Hillary looked very perplexed, "What can I do? He's seen all of my tricks and I don't think he'll go for the 'panty in the bag' routine again." He grinned, "He actually hasn't seen anything has he? I know I haven't and I've been trying too." "I couldn't do that. That wasn't part of our deal." "Well, maybe not, but I'll add another $200 if you'll help me one more time." Hillary's mental wheels grabbed that money and had it spent even before she smiled, "I'll see what I can do!" By the time shooter #2 returned, Hillary was nursing her drink and idly toying with the hem of her skirt as she was "lost" in thought. As she turned to watch his last shot, my wife's legs opened wider and wider and her finger slowly pushed her skirt higher and higher. At the precise moment he began his stroke, Hillary reached over for her drink and "accidentally" opened her legs even wider so that all of us were treated to a full view of sheer, flame-red panties. My wife's pussy was on full display to two strangers -- not to mention me and Harry's camera and VCR. Predictably, the ball went wide of its mark and my wife slammed her knees together and yanked her skirt down. This time, Hillary's friend sunk his shot and scooped up his winnings as the other fellow threw down his cue and left. Harry slapped me on the shoulder, "Get your money ready my friend, he's still got almost 45 minutes left on our bet and he's already seen your wife's pussy!" "That was greed, not lust! Didn't you see how she snapped those legs together? A 30 second flash of pussy isn't going to win the bet for you!" "We'll see! How about another drink while we wait for him to plug her?" I didn't know that Harry had instructed Mable to put a "reserved" sign on his back room so no one else would drop in on Larry and my wife. We turned back to watch as Larry walked over to my wife's booth, "Well, THANK YOU! That last little stunt did the trick! Here's your $200 and another $100 to cover your dinner and drinks." My wife was still cherry red, but she still scooped up the money and slipped it into her purse. "I really didn't think I could do that!" Larry grinned at her, "With a body like yours, you need to dump those white cottons and pantyhose for good! Those were fantastic panties -- we could see absolutely everything! As a matter of fact, I think you enjoyed it!" "Oh No, I couldn't ...." "Oh Yes! From what I could see, those little panties are soaking wet!" "Maybe I was a 'little' excited, but that was all!" "Yeah right! I guess that's why your nipples are about to poke a hole in your blouse! I'm betting that your bra matches the panties and I think that's fantastic! If you husband doesn't screw you to the wall tonight, it will be a real shame." It must have been the booze, but before she thought, my wife answered, "Oh No! We had sex last night and I just can't do that twice in a row?" "Why not? You're a hot looking woman and that dripping pussy of yours wants attention real BAD!" "Momma always told me that a woman keeps control in a house by keeping her knees together. All I have to do to get my way about anything is to let my husband make love to me. If he can do it anytime, it'll get boring to him." Larry had already moved over next to my wife in the booth, "Well, that might be true for him, but aren't you horny as hell right now?" Before she could answer, Larry started slowly rubbing her leg with his hand. Harry and I could see him gently bunching her skirt up and more and more of my wife's legs come into view. "Don't you like the feel of my hand on your thigh? Doesn't it send a tingle right to your twat?" Hillary was shaking her head and put her hand on his to push it away but he just leaned in and started nibbling gently on her neck and earlobes. My tipsy wife was shaking now and pulled her hand back to pull his head even tighter to her neck. Larry's hand was busy as he continued to push her skirt higher and higher as he stoked her inner thigh. Seconds later, those magic panties were in plain view once again. Larry was right, they were soaking wet and Hillary's damp pussy hair was matted against the sheer material. His fingers were sliding across her panties and gently probing my wife's cunt. We could hear her labored breathing and she exploded in an orgasm. Larry was showing no mercy now and pulled the wispy material to her ankles. He slowly spread my wife's legs, totally exposing her gaping pussy. He fell to his knees and began to kiss his way up Hillary's legs until his face was buried in her twat and he was happily lapping pussy and my wife was squirming in lust! He raised up and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Her new bra did match those discarded red panties and her nipples were absolutely rigid as he played with first one, then the other. He pushed my wife's bra aside and sucked a bud while he tweaked the other with his fingers. Harry tapped me on the shoulder as he zoomed the camera in for a closer view. We had been so fascinated with Larry's pussy eating and playing with my wife's tits that we had not noticed that his jeans were down and a raging cock was rubbing over Hillary's cunt. Harry held out his hand for his money as Larry slid his dick into my wife's slippery channel and started smoothly pumping for all he was worth. He was fucking my wife silly in the back room of a bar when I couldn't even nail her in our own bed! That's when something else hit me -- he wasn't wearing a rubber! It seemed like an eternity before he slammed balls deep one last time as his cock poured blast after blast of hot cum deep into my wife's pussy! Hillary gave a scream of pleasure and exploded in another shattering orgasm. When they finally came down from the peak, Larry's slowly pulled out of Hillary's twat. As he did, a tremendous load of cum oozed out of my wife's well-fucked gash. Larry reached down and picked up the sheer red panties, wiping up the mess with them. After wiping their juices off of his cock, Larry told Hillary to put the sticky panties back on. After they had both cleaned up a bit more, Larry picked up my wife's shopping bag along with her old panties and pantyhose. "You won't be needing these ever again." As he turned to leave, Larry gave my wife's ass one last squeeze, "I shoot pool here every Wednesday night -- just in case you'd like an encore." Hillary squirmed around on the bench as her cum-soaked panties pressed against her twat. She was coming back to normal now and thinking about what she had done. So was I! I had no idea how I could face my wife after watching her fuck another man. She had been wild with a lustiness I had never seen. My mind was spinning -- was this the only time she had screwed around or was he just another one in a long line? Harry rewound the fuck tape of my wife and settled back in his chair, "we can watch this once more before it's time for you to reclaim your loving wife." I turned to tell Harry to go fuck himself but stopped short as the big screen filled with my wife moaning in pleasure as the pool player ate her pussy. Then, I saw it -- a tear in her eye! Maybe, just maybe this was just one out-of-control incident! Now, I was swept up in the video as I watched for any hint of remorse as Hillary was fucked to orgasm after orgasm. All I saw was a wild-eyed slut with cum pouring out of her cunt! Harry killed the video and the live picture of my just-fucked wife huddled in her booth. Then I heard her sobbing and listened a little closer. "How could I have done something so stupid? ... What am I going to say? ... What can I do? . .. How can I make it up to him?" Harry tapped me on the shoulder, "well, neighbor, don't know what you're going to do, but it's time to get to it." My mind was still reeling as I walked toward the door. I still had the flowers and Hillary didn't know what I had seen so I managed a big smile as I entered the room. "Hi, Honey, sorry I'm late!" Wiping the tears from her eyes, Hillary rushed to greet me. "I Love YOU! Please forgive me for being such a bitch all these years!" As I hugged her tightly, I felt her nipples grow rigid against my chest. I caught my breath as I felt her hand on my crotch. She had never put her hand on me first! To my surprise, she pushed me back slightly and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it open enough for me to see her sheer little bra. "I bought some new things today, I hope you'll enjoy them!" She pulled me closer and guided my hand under her skirt, "the panties match, but they're soaked right now. I've been so horny waiting for you!" My wife's gash and panties were certainly still wet -- however, I knew that it was from another man's cum rather than lust for me! Still, she was hotter than I had ever seen her! My cock and lust betrayed my resolve -- I had a boner you could drive nails with! Hillary gasped when she felt how hard I was and fell to her knees in front of me. I glanced around and was relieved to see that there was no one else in the room as my wife slid my zipper down and pulled out my rigid cock. She slowly sucked me into her mouth and began a gentle up and down motion. Hillary had always told me to take a hike when I tried to get her to blow me and now she was lapping my dick like it was a lollipop. When she felt me start to tense up for my orgasm, Hillary locked her lips around my cock as I pumped the biggest load of my life into her mouth and throat! She sat back and wiped the cum dripping between her lips. "I hope you can get that hard again by the time we get home, I need to fuck real bad!" I could have sworn my dick was already twitching again as I zipped up. For the time being, I had forgotten my anger. I didn't even care that Harry probably had videotaped this too. I only wanted to see my cock buried in my wife's hot pussy. We made it home in record time and we barely made it inside the door before she had ripped off everything except her new bra and panties, "Well, how do you like the 'new' me?" Seconds later, those wispy bits of cloth were gone and we were fucking like newlyweds. We screwed in the kitchen, the den, the dining room, and finally in our bedroom. I hadn't cum that many times since I was a teenager. If this was my reward for her fucking another man, IT WAS GREAT! I was in a totally forgiving mood as I looked down on my wife in our bed, legs spread wide and MY cum gushing from her twat. I even managed a smile when she looked at me, lust still in her eyes, and asked, "tonight was so special, could we celebrate it every week? You could pick me up at Harry's at 9 every Wednesday....." 2954 1.34/512345

My Wife, The Porn Star

"My Wife, the Porn Star" By Craver It all started when I bought the camcorder. Toni was so excited the first night we used it to record our performance in bed she came three times. We did everything in front of that camera. Had the thing hooked up to the TV, too, sitting on a tripod, so we could see what we were doing right on screen while we were doing it. What a kick that was, to see my wife sucking my cock, on the TV, and feel it at the same time. When I came all over her face she got so hot just from watching herself getting jizzed on television, she blew a wad herself, drenching her thighs with wet coozy cunt cum. She was so juicy she actually made a little white puddle of cum right there in the bed between her legs. She begged me to go down on her and eat it, and I did it, too. Made me so fucking hot I got hard again. This time I fucked her from behind, so she could stare right into the TV while we got it on. I made her play with her clit, and she kept coming and coming until I told her I was ready to blast off again. She turned her head half way toward me, still able to see the TV, and made me come all over her fucking face again, laying my shooting cock right on her tongue, watching on TV while my spurting dick coated her tongue with white goo. When I was finished coming, she turned to the camera, making sure it captured her tongue with the puddle of come on it. Then, with an evil grin, she swallowed, real slow. Afterward, we ran the tape again a few times, jerking off slowly while we watched it. I was through for the night, and finally fell asleep, but Toni kept watching and masturbating, watching and masturbating, coming over and over again. She can do that when she gets totally hot, and believe you me, she was on fire that night. In the morning I asked her how many times she came the night before, and she said she couldn't even count that high. I kissed her, told her to enjoy herself, then left for the office. I've got one of those lousy, boring clerical jobs in an insurance company where I'll never make any real money, but won't get fired either. I put in my time, make my $38,000 a year, and live for the nights and weekends. And Toni. I live for Toni. She makes it all worth while. How I got her beats me, but I guess it had to be my big dick and my willingness to experiment with any fucking sexual deviation she wants to try, bar none. Filming us fucking is a typical example of the kind of thing that turns Toni on. I was sitting at my desk, and just daydreaming about her was making my dick hard, so with a sigh, I went back to work, wondering what Toni would have planned for us to do that evening. When I got home, I called out to Toni, and she came into the kitchen wearing the sexiest fucking negligee I've seen in years. She said it just arrived that day. Said she'd sent for it from one of those mail order houses weeks ago. Asked me if it was okay. Ha! What would YOU say if your wife had tits as large as melons, a waist as flat as a pool table, long black hair, blue eyes, a great ass, legs that go from the floor to the ceiling, sucked your cock whenever you wanted, and was standing in front of you in a porn star's negligee looking like the biggest fucking sex goddess of all time? I told her of course I didn't mind. That as far as I was concerned, anything she did was fine with me, as long as she kept sucking my dick and giving me her pussy. "Do you really mean it, Donny? Anything I want to do would be okay with you?" she asked, tentatively. "I said it, didn't I?" I answered. "As long as you keep acting like my own private slut, whatever else you do is okay by me, babe." "I did something naughty today," Toni said. "With Jill. And her girlfriend Kelly. I showed them our tape." I felt my cock harden. She could only mean one tape, and I was surprised and excited she'd shown it to them, especially Kelly. I took off my tie, walked to the fridge, and popped a cold brew. "What'd they say about it?" I asked, sitting in a chair next to the kitchen table, my legs spread out in front of me, my hard-on clearly evident. Toni looked at it, and I knew it would make her hot. "They loved it," she breathed, walking, or rather, swaying over to me, kneeling in front of me, stroking my cock. "They especially loved this. They told me how lucky I was to have a cock like this to play with." "Did you say Kelly saw the tape too?" I asked, my cock really getting hard now. Jill, our next door neighbor, is young, beautiful, and divorced, but her girlfriend Kelly just turned 18, and she's a real cock teaser. Pouty lips, nice firm tits, cute ass... the kind of girl any man would love to fuck. "Yeah. Kelly. Boy did the tape make HER hot. In fact, darling, if you'd like to see just how hot, come to the bedroom with me," Toni said, a wicked grin on her face, as she turned and walked out of the kitchen toward our bedroom. When we got there, Toni told me to strip, and to get in bed with her. She hit the remote control, turning on the TV and VCR, then went down on me and started sucking my dick, slowly, teasing, not trying to get me to come or anything. Just getting me more turned on. She didn't have to try very hard. The video alone was doing that. Right there on screen, my wife and these two gorgeous beauties were all naked, in our bed, and they were sucking each other, forming a "daisy chain" circle, with Toni's mouth buried in sweet young Kelly's cunt, while Kelly ate Jill and Jill ate Toni. "Hmmm, baby, their pussies tasted so good," Toni moaned, half watching the TV, half watching my cock growing larger. "They got so hot, baby. We had such a good time. Do you care? Are you jealous, lover? Was it okay to show them the tape, and do that?" Toni said, nodding her head toward the TV. I told her I loved it, and that I would give anything to have seen it in person. "You can, if you want," Toni smiled. "I told them you wouldn't care if we all partied together. I'll even let you fuck them if you want, baby. That would make me so wet, seeing you fucking Jill, and Kelly. Want to?" What do you think I told her. Of fucking course I wanted to. The next thing I knew, Toni called them, and within maybe ten minutes Jill and Kelly were walking into our house. I was still naked, and Toni was dressed in the sexy negligee. "Well, girls, here he is. Isn't his cock beautiful? I told you you'd like it," my wife bragged, holding my dick, pointing it at the two babes. "Hmmm. I can't wait to taste it," Jill moaned. "Yeah. It'll be nice to get fucked by a real man for a change instead of all those dumb jocks who come the minute their dicks touch my pussy," Kelly breathed, squeezing her tits. She was wearing a small, and I mean small, half tank top of some kind, which exposed the bottom half of her bare tits, her stomach, and just a hint of blond pubic hair above the edge of her micro-mini cutoff jeans shorts. The shorts were so tiny they exposed all of her thighs, and even some of her cunt. Long strands of pussy hair were sticking out beneath the bottom edges of the high-cut denim crotch, and it looked like the little bitch's thighs were slippery already with cunt juice. I couldn't wait to taste and fuck these two beauties, and neither could they. We went to the bedroom right away, and Toni continued to suck my cock while Jill and Kelly got naked. "Let's play fuckaround," Jill said. "Does he know how?" she asked Toni. My wife blushed, and I asked her what Jill meant. "Sometimes we get together and fuck other men, and we let them take turns with us, pulling out then switching partners until they start to come. When they do, they have to pull out real fast so they don't come in our pussies. If they do, we take turns eating their cum out of our cunts," Jill explained, casually, like I knew all about this. "You been fucking other men?" I asked Toni, and she blushed again. "You said I could do anything I wanted, and I'm letting you fuck Jill and Kelly. Is it okay, baby?" she said meekly. "Are you mad at me?" "Only for not letting me watch," I said, grinning. "Shit, baby, I told you, as long as you give me what I need you can do any you want, and I meant it." "Ohhh, Donny, baby, I love you so much," Toni said, french kissing me. I could taste my cock on her lips, and for some reason even that excited me. I wondered what it would be like to party with her and a group of guys. Then I felt another pair of lips on my dick, and looked down and saw Kelly sucking my cock. "Hmmm. He tastes nice and sweaty, like a real man," she purred, inhaling deeply, then moving lower, licking my balls lovingly. "Oh fuck, baby, keep that up and I'll come all over your face," I moaned, close to exploding all over her. "Not until you fuck me," she said, sliding up my body, rubbing my thighs with her rock hard nipples and soft tits. She pushed me back down onto the bed, kissed me, then climbed on top of my cock and started fucking me. Her tight little pussy was like a vise of warm flesh and for a minute I wondered if she'd put my dick in her asshole, but she hadn't. "Oh yeah, oh what a cock, it's HUGE!" she grunted, bouncing up and down on me. Next to her Jill stood there looking at her watch, counting.... "Three... two... one... okay, times up. My turn," she said, pulling Kelly off me. I groaned, but instantly Jill mounted me and started fucking me. Her tits were larger than Kelly's, and softer. In fact, her entire body was bigger and softer than Kelly's but I wasn't complaining. She really knew how to use her cunt muscles. Unlike Kelly, Jill didn't jump around all over me. Instead, she lay there, on top of me, barely moving her body, but working those internal pussy muscles so skillfully it felt like a long, soft, rippling mouth was sucking my dick. I've never felt anything like it, and I had to fight as hard as I could to keep from coming. "Uhhh... oh fuck... oh... ohhh, I've got to comeeeee," I gasped. "Do it. Fill my pussy with it," Jill growled, and I did, exploding inside her pussy, shooting spurt after spurt of hot, thick, sticky cum right up inside her cunt. "Oh yeah, YEAH!" she screamed, still milking my dick with those fantastic cunt muscles, jerking me off with them, making my orgasm go on forever, until finally, mercifully, I was able to begin to come back down to earth again, floating, dreamily, all the way down until I almost passed out. It was one fucking perfect come, I'll tell you that. "I got it, baby," Toni said, and I looked up at her. She was filming us with the camcorder. I smiled at her, and winked. "Damn that husband of yours can sure come a lot," Jill said, getting off me, trailing a string of cum across my thighs. Her pussy was leaking cum, all white and sticky looking, and when Kelly saw it, she growled and pushed Jill over onto her back, then dove between Jill's thighs and ate her, sucking my cum out of the freshly fucked cooze. I felt my cock jerk, and even though I'd just come, it started getting hard again already. Toni was still filming us, and told me to get behind Kelly and eat her while she was eating Jill, so I did, playing with my cock as I ate the young cunt from behind her while she continued eating Jill. We were all moaning and groaning, and when my cock got hard enough I fucked Kelly again, as fast and hard as I could until I was soon coming in her, too. "Eat her. Now! Eat your cum out of her cunt," Toni said, excited, still filming the action with one hand while playing with her pussy with the other. I did as she asked, dropping to my knees behind Kelly, and began sucking my cum out of her slick pussy. It was kinky as hell, and I loved it. We continued like that all night, and later, after they left, Toni and I fucked slowly while watching the tape. Next week Toni's inviting some guys over to party with us, too, and she said she wants to see me suck their cocks. Who knows, I just might do it, too.... ********* 11880 1.88/512345

My life as a cocksucker Part 1

Here is how I remember being told what I had become.... It was early Jamuary, and I was on my Knees, naked, and had just swallowed a rather large load of cum from Dave's 7 inch straight cock. We are both married, but he has an office where I spend a couple of hours each week making sure that his shaved balls stay empty. On the average I suck him off 3-4 times a week. I sometimes meet him on Sunday morning if I can get away. Today is Sunday. I was feeling a little low, and told him sucking his cock was having an effect on my marriage. I just didn't want to have sex with my wife, and was constantly thinking about his crotch. I didn't think I could do it anymore. Kind of hard to say with the taste of his cum still in my mouth. He leaned over me, grasped my face in his large left hand and said in kind of an assertive tone, "Look Cocksucker, and that is what you are, the decision is not yours to make, you'll suck me off and swallow my nut for as long as I feel a need. I felt dazed as his grasp was not kind, but meant to hold me so his eyes met mine. He went on, "Your My cocksucker, feel pride in that. It's not just anyone who gets to suck out my cream. And your more than just a cocksucker, your a Ball licker, and ass rimmer. Feeling better now. Remember the 30 minutes you tongue fucked my hole yesterday, and then thanked me afterward for allowing you that privledge. You were so excited, you had to jack off after I came down your throat" He continued, "There is nothing you do that is more important than servicing my cock and balls, NOTHING!!, Not being a husband, father, friend to me or anyone else. Not even an employee in that shitty job you have, NOTHING matters except my cock down your throat.... GOT THAT?!! "I bet you can't even imagine not feeling my load or someone elses shooting off in your mouth each week. The way you moan when I shoot on your tongue. And I know you've been sucking a few strange dicks each week. A cocksucker like you would never be satisfied with just one cock" I looked up, wondering how he could know I had been visiting a local Gloryhole every day I wasn't sucking him, hell some days even after I left his office. Was he following me? Did he have someone wathcing me? "Oh and something else, I've got several hours of video of you sucking my loads down, and of course your great manners recorded as well" He as refering to me always thanking him before and after for being allowed to suck him off and always for being allowed to swallow a load of cum. "You never know if some of that might find it's way on to the Internet. But I don't have to give you ideas about that, as lonf as you know your place." "What would your wife and kids think if they saw the many times you jacked off into your own hands and licked up and swallowed your own spend? Or the times you jerked off and shot your pitiful load on my balls and ass, and then licked me clean. If I remember right, you always squel with pleasure at being my cum slut" "Answer me bitch" "No I would not want anyone to see or know that I do that for you", I replied. "Well then, I guess we are still on the same page then, right?" "Yes sir" "Good, because all this talk about what a slut you are for cum has gotten me hard again." I looked up again from my kneeling position, and he started to slap my nose and forhead with his hardening cock, leaving a wet trail across my face. "Tongue my ass while I slowly jack out another load cocksucker" He raised his legs and placed them on the arms of his leather execiutive chair, and scooted his butt out to the edge. Staring me in the face was the underside of his large shaved balls and the star of his anus. I knew this area well, and stared by licking the underside of his balls, moaning in true happiness, as it was rare that I was allowed enougth time to get a second load. Amazingly, his balls felt full on my tongue, especially considering the size of the load I had swallowed a short while ago. I licked hard and with a passion I didn't know I possessed over the small patch of skin between his balls and anus. He was not jacking his cock yet, just letting me do my work. I looked up and he starred at me and nodded his approval. Just then he reached down and grasped the back of my head with both hands and moved my mouth to his hole. "Get to work ass licker" he said softly. My mouth became a suction device for his hole, my tongue entered and licked the area around his star. I didn't have anything else on my mind except pleasing him as well as I could, and thinking that this was where I truly belonged. The one place where I knew I should be, Naked, On my knees, my mouth pressed onto a man's asshole, licking and sucking. I shaked all over, almost like I had the chills. I was soooo imcredibly happy. Dave started to pull on his dick while I licked his hole and then the entire crack. We were both moaning, although Dave was beginning to move his hips while I licked. I didn't even have to move my mouth to lick his entire crotch. He'd stop every once in a while to have me lick the pre-cum off his cockhead, He considered it a treat and told me so. I would soon return to licking his ass, edging him closer and closer to a monumental nut. Finally, after about 20 minutes of my mouthing his asshole he told me to cap his cock and take it deep. I felt his orgasm before tasting it as he bucked and then held me tightly to his crotch. His balls were on my chin when I tasted his load on my tongue, hot and gooey. Not a small load either. I almost could not breath, and started to choke, but he didn't care, it just added to his pleasure. Finally he released my head, but I just backed off enough to breath, while still sucking and swallowing his precious milk. I kept his rapidly shrinking cock deep in my mouth, not moving much, just giving it the respect it deserved, and keeping it warm and moist until he let me know we were finished. "Got anymore doubts about what you are, and what your priorities are in this world now" he said. Looking up with dried cum on my lips, "No I think I understand where I belong, thank you for making it clear to me" "Good, be hear at Noon Monday, and I'll give you some more to think about, and don't be late cocksucker, I have a meeting at 1:00. 17068 2.62/512345